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BackHome Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

AC in room was too strong and not changeable. TV remotes in TV room complicated to point of not usable.

Prague Square Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

Reception woman was guide unfriendly. Seemed to take pleasure in what she could not do for one. Pretty noisy but with earplugs that was OK. It is advertised as a.pace for young people and that's OK but I think some of the staff use their inexperience to get into a bullying mode that is unpleasant.


Keflavik, Iceland

I booked a place here because it was close to the Keflavik airport. However, the only way to get there was to hire a taxi at the cost of 2500 isk. Better to have come by early bus from Reykjavik. The hostel is out in the middle if nowhere and feels like a converted army camp. Depressing.

Hostel Ani & Haakien Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands

i enjoyed staying at the hostel. The place had a good atmosphere, hospitable is the word that comes to mind.

Hostel Lika

Zagreb, Croatia

Hostel seems to have been put together on the cheap. The quality of the construction and renovation looks like DYI beginner level. There is no kitchen and you can't bring your own food and drink into the bar/communal area. The barbecue smoke vents into the area below the windows of the rooms on that side of the hostel and I woke up one morning with a splitting headache that I think was caused by the smoke. The hostel has no restaurants or food markets nearby.

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our hostel was built with so much love and hard work, and we think you are not an expert who can say such things.We have a bar where you can get food and drinks for budget prices,you can stay there as long as you want without taking anything from the bar, and no bar would allow bringing in any food or drinks bought elsewhere. Considering smoke,we are more than sure it does not go in the rooms. 2 min away- 3 supermarkets and one restaurant, just ask, we can not guess your wishes. Happy travels!

Bath Backpackers

Bath, England

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Hostel B&B&B

Santander, Spain

I liked the place. Only two things brought it down somewhat. The first was the very late checkin time. To me, four pm is unreasonably late. The other was the breakfast. Eight am seems late to me. Also there was only white bread. Wy not better bread?

San Sebastian Beach Hostel

San Sebastian, Spain

Very cool place. That it is just starting is obvious. Needs WIFI and getting things organized but I had a great time. Too expensive but I suppose that is San Sebastian

Lucky Lake Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Although the address says Amsterdam, this is not Amsterdam! It's a nice, pastoral slice of Dutch live in a well run site but the one shuttle an hour is a pain and it costs to take the shuttle plus metro or train in to Amsterdam?

Hostel Witt

Warsaw, Poland

It would sure be nice if they could get their Wifi running reliably

Bedz KL

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Be nice if there were more couches downstairs. The two by the TV are often filled with people sleeping meaning nowhere comfortable to hang out