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Dogo Hostel

Buenos Aires, Argentina

No customer comment

Che Lagarto Hostel Montevideo

Montevideo, Uruguay

Too much weed around in general, but the hostel staff is very professional. Could have played a bit more laidback music before 18:00 - the bathroom inside the room was pretty awful (No toilet seat, water on the floor, no real fan). Upper beds a bit unsecure - just a tiny safety grid. Breakfast very good - location a bit sketchy. Locals that come by at night who sometimes not have the best intentions. Decent for a night - but not the place to stay for a week.

Telstar Hostels

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Nice and friendly staff, great breakfast, decent location. The toilets could have been more modern and the doors could have been possible to lock. Even though I liked the hostel very much - especially the staff opened up after å while. All in all great place to meet new people - and it is close to the subway and the Congonhas airport. Obrigado!


Clean, fair price, some employees very friendly, allright location, clean toilets and large TV-lounge + Internet.