Reviews: Anonymous

Hotel Oorsprongpark

Utrecht, Netherlands

Great little hotel. Not downtown, but a nice 10-15 minute stroll from the city centre, and just off a main street if you want to catch a train downtown or to/from central station. Very calm, quiet and pretty location. Fairly spacious room, but bathroom definitely floods if you're not careful to tuck in the shower curtain. Cleaning staff tried to enter the room 3 times (without knocking!) when I slept in one morning/afternoon, &I couldn't find a 'please clean room / do not disturb' door knob sign

Hostel Van Gogh

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Great place, nice facilities. Internet crapped out a bunch of times, but there are free computers w internet near the front. Very expensive for a night in an 8-bedroom dorm, but seems to be the norm for Amsterdam summer weekends, unfortunately. South of downtown, but next to parks and great walking spots into downtown.

Travel Hotel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Centrally located, but the 8-person dorm room i stayed in was tiny, you could barely suck in your gut and slide your way between the bunk beds to get from the room door to your bed, making it pretty hard to get your stuff from your bags/suitcases. More of a place to stash your luggage and sleep, since you'll be spending your time in town anyway. Still, really expensive for what you get (location is the major seller for this one).

Villa Anna Maria

Cozumel, Mexico

Extremely nice and engaging people, beautiful place, nice and quiet neighborhood.