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Location: Canada, Gender: Male, Age: 29

Habitat HQ

Melbourne, Australia

Pretty much everything is perfect, the only big issue I had was my computer for some reason didn't work with the internet there, and it lead to not being able to listen to my podcasts on the plane ride home. Other then that, great hostel, great everything pretty much.

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Hi Andrew Thanks for taking the time to review us, we're glad you enjoyed staying with us at Habitat HQ. We apologise for the trouble you had with our internet, we have now upgraded our wifi network to a faster and more reliable service, so next time you visit us you'll be able to benefit from this new and improved service! Happy and safe travels for the rest of your time in Australia! Kathryn @ The Habitat HQ Crew

Coffee Palace Backpackers

Melbourne, Australia

I'll be honest. I was expecting a disaster due to the comments and rating, but honestly, I had no problems and I enjoyed the hostel. It's old and the carpets look a bit stained in some places, but that's mostly due to how old the building is, and I'd personally prefer having carpets like the ones they have. Everything is still clean and the room I was in was still nice and older buildings will have some issues. Definitely a positive having new owners of the place and highly recommended.

St Kilda Hostel

Melbourne, Australia

The internet is a bit of an outdated system, if it worked. Good atmosphere though being that it is a motel. Can be a bit loud at times, but that's why I always bring ear plugs with me.

Blue Parrot Backpackers

Sydney, Australia

Nothing more to say that hasn't already been said below.

Base Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand

I had my phone stolen from my room there. I was napping and I guess someone left the door open when leaving. There were no security cameras on that floor so beware. A lot of the showers were out of order, but I was able to shower successfully at least. The staff was very helpful after my phone was stolen to give them credit, helped me with reporting and moved me to an upgraded room. I feel they should have more staff on computers when people are checking in, lines can get really long.

Base St Kilda

Melbourne, Australia

Somewhat expensive, but the money they get is put into a great number of activities, including yoga, a nice partnership with a great local gym, karaoke, bar parties, etc. Also, I learned about "hipster backpackers" from reading previous comments left here. So unless you're a "hipster backpacker", you'll enjoy this hostel.

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Hey there, great to hear you enjoyed our weekly free yoga class in the bar! It is proving to be my favourite activity that we do here :)! All the best, BASE Crew

GO Backpackers Hostel

Edmonton, Canada

Excellent hostel. Only downfall is people from Edmonton can't book in, but I think I understand why some people might do that. But, there's a limit on how long you can stay. But, generally a great hostel to be at.


It's pretty much a cheap hotel. Very enjoyable.

Mambo Tango Youth Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Very good hostel and staff. Wish I could say the same for the city.

Brussels Hello Hostel

Brussels, Belgium

Very good hostel. Enjoyed it very much.

Amsterdam Hostel Centre

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I think the whole, being forced to book two nights seems like a money grab. I know someone had a problem with that when I was at the hostel, where she was lied to about getting money back for leaving early. She had to book for two days, but only wanted to stay one. So, when she said she was leaving, they gave away her bed and wouldn't give her her money back. I know, as I was the one who took her bed. Other then that, it was ok.


One of the best hostels I've ever been at. Great price, great location, the perfect hostel.

Sweet Hostel

Milan, Italy

The directions are a bit off, which was frustrating, especially with lack of sleep. At that train station stop, go out the Via Miande end, or something like that. It's Via and the next word starts with an M, lol. Then, walk forward, in the direction of the Turro subway stop. You should see a sign that says, Sweet Hostel. And also, type in 2002 or simply search for the Sweet Hostel name while at the door, and press the button with the bell on it to call.

Low Cost Inn Faro

Faro, Portugal

The wifi doesn't reach to the room with the most beds. It was ok though.

GO Backpackers Hostel

Edmonton, Canada

Great hostel, great location, highly recommended.

GO Backpackers Hostel

Edmonton, Canada

Great hostel with a great location.

Isaacs Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

I wasn't there, but my add needs to get this done.

Cinema Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Not much to do around the hostel, very quiet when I was there. Probably the most secure hostel I\'ve ever been at, so if security is something important to you, this is the hostel you want to go to.

HBC Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

I put average for cleanliness due to some of the rooms being a bit cramped, and people in the rooms making a mess, and it\'s certainly not the fault of the hostel owner, who is very smart and people should listen to his advice, as there are a lot of crocked things that go on in Budapest.

Hostel Blues

Bratislava, Slovakia

Very nice Hostel with an apartment style look to it. Highly recommended.