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Orient Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Staff were fantastic, very helpful with information and bookings. They had lock boxes for valuables and would even store electronics and charge them for you! Also, free internet stations that were not busy, showers not busy. However, security coming in the front door and in and out of rooms was questionable. There was often just one key for a dorm, so you could just walk up and say you were in a certain room and get the key, and we had to leave rooms unlocked when occupied.


Great, helpful staff. It's a little far from the beach though - 20-30 minute walk through a dingy city. Met some cool folk, but it was nearly empty. More of a place to chill that day.

A Little Bird Guesthouse

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Great place to lounge out and meet people, use as a base for visiting the city and the surrounding areas, or for going out to party on the town! You should be prepared for noise, especially in the private room that's right over the porch where people talk and play music. Of course I was there during Loi Krathong, the firecrackers were 24 hours a day.... :)

NapPark Hostel at Khao San

Bangkok, Thailand

Great staff, lovely surroundings, fantastic fellow travelers, always willing to go out and do things! I only took off some points for security because my shoes got stolen when they were locked in a locker! I think the key system has some flaws, as the same key could open more than one door. The staff helped me search for them, then gave me some free flip-flops. I appreciate it. But really, stay here. It's lovely.

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Thank you so much for your comment! We are appreciated. Suddenly after you had checked out, we tested all the shoe lockers key and solved sush a problem already. Right now we provide a good and safe place for both flip-flops and other shoes. Hope you will enjoy more along your stay next time with us. Thank you and Sawasdee krup. NapPark Team

Lub d Bangkok Siam Square

Bangkok, Thailand

The staff was very helpful, but due to the large size of the hostel it was hard to meet fellow travelers. People kept to their own groups. No Thai character, more of a European sterile feel to the hostel. Location is good if you like shopping, and near transit, but not near the central temple sites, or near any bars or clubs. Pick one near Khao San Rd instead.

Soul Kitchen Hostel

St Petersburg, Russia

The staff are superbly helpful. It is like having a concierge at your service. The hostel is conveniently near a metro and bus station. It is about a half hour walk to the main tourist areas and clubs, but there are buses.

The Yellow

Rome, Italy

The place is crowded and busy. I usually had to wait to talk to staff, who were passably helpful but did not smile. They were too busy to be nice. Its hard to make friends when there are so many people moving in and out. The showers were never hot. The tour guide on the night tour preceding the pub crawl was great.

Funny Palace Hostel

Rome, Italy

The staff are very friendly and helpful. They will plan out walking routes for you, and give you tips. You get free Internet during your stay, and a bottle of wine. Unfortunately there isn't really a common place to hang out.

Youth Meeting Home

Florence, Italy

Franco is awesome. He provides free breakfast and makes dinner every night. He even made dinner twice when we showed up in two groups. He took us out to get drinks, too. The hostel is small enough that you can get to know people.

Affittacamere Patrizia

Cinque Terre, Italy

The fun is not in the hostel, its outdoors! Get out and hike and bike and swim. Its a beautiful place. Its too bad the different rooms are the hostel are far away from each other, but its the only way it can be done in Cinque Terre. Patrizia is very charming and accommodating!

Hotel 22 Marzo Milan

Milan, Italy

It's a hotel, so don't expect any fun. But the staff are very friendly and you get free usage of internet during your stay. Clean and professional, they provided not just soap and towels but even a toothbrush and toothpaste!

Tutti Frutti Hostel

Krakow, Poland

This hostel is not for everybody, but I had a great time. Due to it being cold and mid-week, it was nearly empty, so I got a room to myself the first night. The staff were helpful with directions - they'd whip out a map and draw a line to show you how to get anywhere. They booked tours for me as well. Chris is a cool guy and takes people out clubbing every night. Be warned that this is a party hostel. Late at night there is drama and drunk people running around. If you are OK with that, you'll have a good time. The location is terrific - in the old town, surrounded by clubs, shops, and restaurants.

Hostel Possonium

Bratislava, Slovakia

I stayed at this hostel when it was cold, so there weren't many people hanging around. But, the staff were very friendly - they love to talk. They were quite helpful. They even looked up train schedules for me. They also let me store stuff in a locker even after I checked out, so I didn't have to pay for an extra night when I was leaving in the evening. The location is unfortunately quite a hike from the town center, but fortunately, it is very close to the train station. I couldn't quite find it from the directions given and had to call them. Once you know where it is, it's easy to find again. There were some very loud people in the hallway during the night that woke me up - it would have been nice if the staff quieted them down.

Home Made Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

This hostel is outstanding. Every room is cleverly decorated by hand. It's small and homey. The staff bend over backwards to make you happy. The laundry service includes washing and drying and folding - you just pay and your laundry is ready in a few hours! They even gave me a break when I was having trouble cashing my travelers checks to get money. They did my laundry for free and booked me in a cheaper room. Once I got money I payed them back because they earned my respect! The staff are like your friends. They will even sit down and play games with you. The people who were staying at the hostel were cool, too. We went out and did things together. It's small and homey. Yes, it's true that if you're in the big room, people from other rooms might be walking through yours. But I didn't have any problem with that. The smaller rooms off to the side are even quieter. It's a little tricky to find the place at first, but once you know, it's quite central, located near the Oktogon metro station.


This hostel has the best bar of the one's I've been too. Despite the cold weather, it was packed with cool people. It's separated from the upstairs sleeping quarters so you can sleep in peace. It is a bit of a hike from the Westbanhof train station - they have a newer location that's better situated. Staff were helpful, but it's a big hostel, so you couldn't really just sit and chat with them. They do have washer and drier, which is nice - it'd be even better if they had a service to do it for you. The hostel is also split into two parts - the laundry and kitchen are down the block from the desk/bar/dorms. Internet stations are not free but work well.