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YHA London Oxford Street

London, England

Not a bad place. Great location and the staff are friendly enough. Caveat - cramped, smelly rooms, not ventilated well, not much social atmosphere, and it costs a bomb... but whaddaya expect in LANDAN?

SLO Living Hostel

Lyon, France

Very good hostel. Good location, good decor, exceptionally good staff. Only complaint is the dorms open right onto the courtyard, so you'll be kept up late by people drinking and talking. Not a good place for a great sleep, but good to meet people.

Peking Station Hostel

Beijing, China

Really great hostel. More like a boutique BnB or small hotel. Very clean, great beds, nice staff, great atmosphere in their extremely nice cafe which is full of fresh plants and flowers. A welcome shift from what is often the heat and intensity of beijing! Nice location walking distance from a bunch of big hitters (forbidden city, wangfujing, Tiananmen sq etc). Only caveat is there is not that much street life directly around the hostel.

Sanlitun Youth Hostel

Beijing, China

Not a bad place but not great for the price. Staff booked me into a full dormitory despite reservation and had to reshuffle. Dorms were okay. Good location. Niceish bar with cheap drinks, probably would have enjoyed it much more if I was, say, an 18 year old Brit belting out Oasis numbers, like many of the other guests. If you think the Full Moon Party at Koh Pha Ngan is the apex of a really good time you will probably love this place.


Nice hostel - has a good courtyard and is easy to meet people there. Great location, friendly staff. Nice atmosphere. Caveat: Two 6 person dorms share one shower and one toilet, which either means you are waiting in line or it is very stinky.

Turpan Dap Hostel

Turpan, China

After a string of mediocre hostels in Gansu, Dap was a breath of fresh air. Fantastic and helpful staff, beautiful old building with a lovely courtyard covered by grape trellises, amazing tours available, all in all - an absolutely fantastic stay! This is what a youth hostel should be! Best hostel stay in China so far. Would stay again. Don't miss this one.


Nice location close to the dunes perfect for those sunrise visits (and this is something you should do). Easy and cheap to get back and forth by bus or taxi. charming old style courtyard. Quiet at night. However the toilets are filthy - absolutely stink, full of flies and you-know-what everywhere, and the whole place could do with a big clean! Staff are generally ok. Charley is friendly - can't say much for the others.


Bit of a funny place. Out in the sticks with not much around it. Staff generally don't speak English. Desk often unattended. Seemed to have trouble with a HW booking. Toilets are absolutely filthy without soap or toilet paper. Beds are very thin. However, The hostel does organise good and cheap tours of the surrounding landscape, and that's why you're in Zhangye, right? Could be a lot worse.


Fantastic location, nice rooms, good beds, friendly staff, nice cafe/bar. Like most YHA hostels a bit soulless but does its job well.

Saga Youth Hostel

Beijing, China

Great location, clean rooms, super friendly staff, nice cafe/bar. No complaints here!

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Hello and thanks for your stay.we hope you had a good time in china

Castle Rock Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

Not a bad place to stay. My dorm bed was right next to the door, which had a massive lightbulb above it which was on all the time. Bring an eye mask and some earplugs (as I did) and you will be alright. Good location, nice staff, a bit of a party hostel. In general a fun place. A little anonymous just because it is so massive - I wouldn't describe it as intimate. But for 12 pounds what do you expect?

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Leading into the summer season, we're going for a bit more of a party atmosphere - we try and run events every night. Edinburgh is a super fun place to be at this time of the year so we like to be as well! The hostel is quite large, so we have plenty of quiet places to chill out and enjoy the tranquility as well. Glad you enjoyed your stay! -Castle Rock

Lovely Jubbly Place

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Booked the hostel for NYE because from other reviews it looked like a social place. Imagine my dismay when I arrived after a long day of travel to find the bar & restaurant were closed from 9pm! Entire place was dead and devoid of people. Aside from the complete absence of atmosphere, it was very clean, very well-located and very cheap. What more do you need? Beds were good, dorm was good, bathroom facilities good. Half of the staff speak zero english but are very friendly. I would come again.

Stray Cat Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Nice place. Rooms are good. Staff are very friendly, location is fantastic. Good value. Will come back.

Hostel Amigo Suites Downtown

Mexico City, Mexico

Pretty good. Friendly staff and the tours I took were decent (anthropology museum tour probably better to do by yourself though). Only one problem - the bedrooms are swelteringly hot at night, there is next to no ventilation. The rooms could definitely use a fan. Nice rooftop bar.

USA Hostels Hollywood

Los Angeles, USA

Can't complain, a good hostel. Has everything you need. Quite pricy though.

Welcome Inn Backpackers Hostel

Singapore, Singapore

Nice place, keep coming back.

The Mitraa

Singapore, Singapore

Nice hostel for sure. Very safe, very quiet, great location, the owners are super helpful and friendly. Only problem is that it is totally lacking in character - there is no central area for travelers to mix and mingle. There is some outdoor seating and stuff but that is placed right in the middle of a main circulation route, and as such isn\'t really conducive to just hanging out. If I wasn\'t traveling with a friend this place would have been pretty dull.

The Island Hotel Bali

Kuta, Indonesia

This is the best hostel I have ever stayed in, hands down. I know you're reading this and thinking, how can it possibly be that good? Believe me, it can. I would come back here without a doubt. Hell, I could even live there. It's like a hostel crossed with a luxury resort. Great location, very tasteful design and outfitting, friendly staff, the food is great, and it is incredibly well planned. Definitely stay here.

Welcome Inn Backpackers Hostel

Singapore, Singapore

I had a single room, which was kind of loud (next to the street) and felt tacked on to the dorms so I don't think it was worth the price. Apart from that it was a great hostel, nice people, close to the MRT etc. Would stay here again.