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Hostel Gastama

Lille, France

Great place to stay. The bar downstairs has a nice vibe and is not too loud to sleep above. The WiFi was a bit shaky and not all my phone apps worked properly. The kitchen and shared room was welcoming and pleasant. Security is prefect with key cards, lockers, personal power outlets, etc. The whole place smelled a touch damp often, but that may have been linked to the torrential downpour that ruined my two day visit to the city. With breakfast not included it can be a touch pricy, but ok value.

CIS de Champagne

Reims, France

Good location just out of the city centre. WiFi works well all over. My only company is that my room had far too few power outlets to charge phones. In a 4 bed room the were 3 outlets, only one of those near the beds at all. Breakfast was very generous.

Ethic Etapes Dijon

Dijon, France

This place is located out of the centre, with buses that are not very convenient particularly later at night. Nowhere to eat nearby. WiFi is annoying (have to log back in every hour) but usable. Breakfast is not bad but could be more generous. No hostel character, just a cheap place to sleep.

Ciak Hostel

Rome, Italy

This is a nice little hostel, perfect for those who prefer a smaller place to those giant industrial hostels. WiFi is a bit slow sometimes, but reliable. Breakfast was generous enough. Small lockers provided enough for you to lock up your valuables. Staff were helpful with all my requests. Shared spaces are small, but there is a good communal feel.

Fabric Hostel & Club

Naples, Italy

This is not the greatest hostel in the universe. WiFi works downstairs fine but not in the rooms at all. The shared space is spacious but not very welcoming. The bathrooms are in need of some maintenance. Beds were squeaky but sleepable. My favourite thing was the location. Neighbourhood is dodgy (like much of Naples), but perfect for visiting Pompeii, Herculaneum and Vesuvius. Short walk to Herculaneum and Vesuvius bus link, and easy metro to Pompeii.


This Hostel seems to be mostly populated by Contiki tours. As a result it is youthful, but loud and drunken. No shared space other than the bar, and you will feel a little creepy hanging out there if you are past your twenties. Near the train station, but not much else. WiFi was fine.

Lullaby Garden Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

I really liked this hostel; small, simple and full of character. The staff were helpful and knowledgeable. The hostel has a lovely garden out back. Could use a few security improvements like lockable lockers, but the small guest population and attentive staff are good protection. WiFi was annoying and only worked near the front desk. Breakfast was very generous.

Generator Hostel Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Honestly not much to complain about. Amazing location and facilities. WiFi is great in every room. For me though I found the hostel way too big. It's industrial size. This helps them give you better facilities for a smaller price, but for a solo traveller like me the atmosphere is way too anonymous. I never felt comfortable speaking with people in the shared spaces and the staff couldn't possibly remember who I was. I've decided to stick to small hostels. For a group this hostel would be perfect

360 Hostel Centro

Madrid, Spain

Location is so central. The staff and the general atmosphere was very friendly. I was having bank troubles and the staff were very supportive, letting me call up the card hotline on their phone several times. Also the kitchens stocked with free (abandoned) food was a godsend. The place itself is comfortable enough. WiFi's a little shaky and the rooms got quite cold at night so grab a blanket from reception. Churros with chocolate is not really my first choice for breakfast, but it was free so...

Brussels Hello Hostel

Brussels, Belgium

Lovely hostel. Location is a little bit out of the city, but right on a metro stop. The bar was a great communal space to meet people and buy some very reasonably priced drinks. WiFi actually worked most of the time, strange for a hostel. Great free maps and aadvice; perfect base of operations for touristing.

Residencial Terminus

Lisbon, Portugal

A clean bed near the airport, not much more. Staff were friendly and flexible (I arrived around midnight from a late flight, but emailed ahead and had no problems). Late check-out and good breakfast was appreciated. WiFi was broken, TV minuscule, decor a little dated; basically the hotel isn't very modern, but if you need something walking distance from the airport this is your best bet.

Louvre Youth Hostel

Paris, France

Did not enjoy this hostel at all. No atmosphere at all. Unhelpful staff. Terrible security (which resulted in a friends money, electronics and passport being stolen). When we went to the local police station they already knew which hostel we had come from - that's how good its reputation is in the area. The location is amazing, but if you chose to stay here then take serious precautions to secure your belongings, and don't expect to be able to meet anyone outside your room.


Enjoyed my stay here. Not much common space, but a warm atmosphere. WiFi didn't work as per normal for hostels. Located a short walk from Montmartre and metro's it's a good base to visit from. They let me use the luggage room and other facilities long after I checked out (or they just didn't notice, either way it was good). Perfectly comfortable, a lot of stairs which is nice for the exercise.

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Bonjour, of course you are able to use our facilities after you check out! You can even take a shower in the common showers. We have FREE wi fi available in the lobby.

Geneva Hostel

Geneva, Switzerland

Disclaimer: my phone was stolen while I was there, this may have coloured my opinion. I felt that this hostel completely lacks character or any sense of community. On arrival I was given my access card and sent on my way. No welcome, no introduction to the facilities - had to go find all that for myself. The common spaces were all very clinical. Almost impossible to meet people. WiFi access was bad everywhere, and non-existent in the dorms. No secure place to charge your phone (apparently).

Backpackers Space

Seoul, South Korea

I was the only guest at the hostel all week, so it was hard for there to be a very social atmosphere or character. Good facilities and location. Staff were mostly helpful and spoke basic english.

Dublin City Bunkhouse

Dublin, Ireland

No customer comment

Let Me Inn

Cairo, Egypt

I really enjoyed my stay here. The internet is free, but they could do with a second terminal. The staff are great, you can\'t sit still for 10 minutes without being offered another free beverage. Breakfast is very satisfying. The beds were very comfortable, at least mine was. I don\'t know about the dorms because I was given a complimentary upgrade to a double room. Must be because I\'m so charling.

Sun Hotel

Cairo, Egypt

Stayed at the Sun Hotel for about a week. It was really nice, and fantastic value. The staff were really friendly and helpful, and the location is really convenient. Ramy organised several trips for me around Egypt, and they were all great. Only bad thing I could mention is that the dorm rooms are not locked, so you should be extra careful to keep an eye on your stuff - though nothing of mine was stolen even though I left it all in plain view all the time. I will definately stay here again.