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Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 31


Athens, Greece

Average hostel. I prefer places where I can easily meet other travellers. This isnt so much that type of place for me. I got a terrible rash probably from the detergent on the sheets. But the location is excellent and it is very cheap, so it is kind of an "at your own risk" type of place. You cold have a good time or it could kind of suck like it did for me.

Chania Hostel

Chania, Greece

I had a great time at the hostel and with the other people staying there. It'd a new place so they are still working out some of the kinks (like showers and bathrooms) but it is the best value for money in chania and a place where it was really easy to relax.

Hotel Pension Rea

Heraklion, Greece

It is a normal hotel. The rooms are nice enough for the price and the hotel is very well located, not far from the port on a quiet residential street near several good restaurants.

Victoria Falls Backpackers

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

The staff at this hostel make it worth your stay. Especially jay coordinated all activities for me. I only had 30 hours in Victoria falls and He managed arrange quickly for me to see the falls, do a sun downer cruise and go white water rafting. and always made sure that people where on time and that I didn't miss my plane. They also have extra things most hostels wouldn't, like massages, feet cleansing fish pond. And even though the place was fully booked it didn't feel over crowded.


This hostel is more for people just stopping over which is exactly what I was doing. It's a very basic facility that some might not be used to, all basic cement with no finish. The staff were very helpful and the hostel had very affordable food for Harare. The price for a private room is very good for Harare and it is not far from Harare city center, but if you are going to Harare, you should contact the hostel about airport transfer Bc taxis from the airport are very expensive.

Bahaus Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

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Osaka GuestHouse KOMA

Osaka, Japan

Koma is very well situated for exploring the party districts. My only real problem is that Mu fellow travellers and i were eaten alive by some type if bugs (extremely unpleasant big itchy bites) and this seemed to be from the sheets. Everything else was average for Japan.

Kamakura Guesthouse

Kamakura, Japan

Kamakura guesthouse was excellent. They have put a modern twist on Japanese traditional. The futon rolls are very comfortable compared to other tradition places we stayed and there is a very cute bar with nice people downstairs. We enjoyed this guesthouse more than any other in Japan.


The hostel is exceptional very convenient and well organized. There is a convenience store very close by and it's very close to theist popular temple complex in Tokyo.


The hostel was above average and UNBELIEVABLY cheap for central London.