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Hostel Overstay TLV

Tel Aviv, Israel

Unfortunately it didn't live up to our expectations as we'd heard great things about this place. The rooms are too hot to sleep in. The dinner was basic and the chicken uncooked. When I pointed this out they made me cook my own chicken despite the fact there were a tonne of staff sitting around doing nothing much. The breakfast is also very basic. Frozen bread, jams and coffee. Sorry to say that although there's a lot going for it (blow up pool, lounge area on the roof) I wouldn't return.

Cliff Hotel

Amman, Jordan

Andrew, the owner, is awesome. Massive help organizing our whole trip around Jordan. Rooms are ridiculously hot and bathrooms grouse but well worth the cheap room cost.

Fauzi Azar Inn

Nazareth, Israel

Great breakfast.

Mugraby Hostel

Tel Aviv, Israel

It felt quite like a prison cell. Great location a few minutes walk from the beach but very dirty, sweltering hot and a poor excuse for a kitchen.

Cordial House Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

The rooms were sweltering hot with one ceiling fan than definitely didn't reach all ten beds in the room. Be warned the automatic lights in the bathroom are quite short set so will almost certainly go off while you're in the shower. Awesome location right near everything but with 240 beds, they really need a few more staff on.

Peaches Hostel

Bucharest, Romania

No customer comment

4U Hostel

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

It's a shoe box. Literally your tiny room and the shared bathroom. It's immaculate, the one staff member is really lovely but until there's any form of communal area I don't think I'd be staying there again.

Bled Hostel

Bled, Slovenia

If you're 20 and want to get wasted, go for it. The bar is literally underneath and the cigarette smoke will smell out your clothes as it feeds straight through the window. You can't close the window though as the rooms are so unbelievably hot. There's one tiny fridge for over 50 people and not many seats for lounging. They really just cater for drunken 20yo boys looking for a good time.

Amsterdam Hotelboat

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Great breakfast that's included.

Smyle Inn

New Delhi, India

Really great place. Well located near the main bazaar and close to metro which makes it easy to get around. Great wifi in your room. Large beds (if you sleep sideways you can completely fit on it!). Breakfast was quite small but tasty. I'd definitely recommend staying here.

Big Tree Lodge Methven

Methven, New Zealand

I felt like I was living with a family as the owner was always hanging around. I was also placed with someone who more than snores but has the most earth shattering volume whilst doing it. People like this should not be allowed to stay in shared dorms, let alone the fact he is living in that shared dorm for the season!

Owner Comment (Hide)
The snore's head is on a stake at the entrance to Lodge. We look forward to your next visit Mr Wood ;-) .

Columbus Studios

New York, USA

The place is pretty tacky and make sure to bring flip flops for the bathrooms, but the beds were very comfortable and clean