Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Belgium, Gender: Female, Age: 27

Best Hostel City

Stockholm, Sweden

Small room, but well organized and clean. Very close to the center. Also, this must be the first hostel i ever go to where the staff is almost never there ! but they organise themselve in a way that it doesn't really bother you. Smart hostel :)


The female dorms right next to the kitchen are a bit noisy (definitely with all the Europeans and their jetlag waking up at 5 am ;) ), but besides that, this hostel is really good ! Good atmosphere, good location, lots of showers, nice staff and ... unlimited pancakes and good coffee for breakfast :) !

Bilbao Central Hostel

Bilbao, Spain

Tipical european hostel: pretty and nice rooms, clean and new, but unflexible and frustrated staff. Don't expect any party in the hostel: even checking in at 11.30 is problematic because "people are sleeping". Also, you have to pay an additional 2€ for your bed sheets.

Summer Cadiz

Cadiz, Spain

Nothing wrong with this hostel. Only a pity that breakfast is not included.

Giramundo Hostel

Ibiza, Spain

Nice hostel, really cool people ! The only thing missing is a pool ;)

Backpackers Sunset

Florianopolis, Brazil

Really nice hostel, with beautiful location, but our stay got kind of ruined because of reservation issues and repeated (!) thefts in our room.

All in Mendoza Monkey Hostel

Mendoza, Argentina

Really nice staff, really fun hostel !!

Backpackers Hostel Salta

Salta, Argentina

Nice hostel, but very dirty ! Private bathrooms didnt get cleaned for 2 days, bread for breakfast is always a few days old. The pool was empty too when we stayed there.

Hostel Park Iguazu

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

The 4 bed dorms are claustrophobically small, but the rest of the hostel is ok. Staff is really nice.

W Circuit Hostel

Puerto Natales, Chile

Definitely good value for money ! It doesn't look very cozy at first, but its clean, well located, and the the staff is really nice (they even let us stay when we were overbooked !). Good hangout spot for travellers. We spend a few days hanging in the couch and enjoying the relaxed environment :)

Ruca Hostel

Puerto Varas, Chile

No customer comment

Saba'a Hotel

Petra, Jordan

As all hostels in Jordan not the most clean, but very -very- good breakfast, friendly and helpful staff and good location close to Petra. This is a real hostel, where backpackers hang in the couches, which you don't come across often in Jordan :)

Mavi Guesthouse

Istanbul, Turkey

Very nice staff !! Ali is just the nicest person in the world ! He does everything for his guests and is available 24/7. From tourist advise, to money exchange, to taxi prices, to breakfast bags when you leave early in the morning, to babysitting for some guests babies... everything is taken care off ;).


HUGH massa-hostel, but build to make your stay comfortable. They have all the thing you always think are missing in other hostels: bar, clean sheets, space ... Maybe not the place you want to go to when your looking for a small hostel with lots of character, but a very pleasant stay if you have been travelling for several weeks and are in need od some space and cleaniness ;)