Reviews: ruichicoria2944

Location: Portugal, Gender: Male, Age: 31

Pousada de Ponta Delgada

Ponta Delgada, Portugal

They were very nice as I needed to do the check-out before the breakfast time and they didn't mind to leave the breakfast prepared 2 hours before in a way that I could take it. The negative thing was the spider web that I found in the room when I did the check-in.

Pousada do Pico

Sao Roque do Pico, Portugal

A little bit cold inside the room. All the other things were OK.

PurpleIsland Hostel

Angra do Heroismo, Portugal

Very nice people working at the hostel. Coffee and tea everytime during the day beyond the unlimited breakfast.

3/4 Hostel

Ponta Delgada, Portugal

Pay attention to the time which you put as arrival time as usually the staff is there just when it is time to wait for someone arrival or to clean (afternoon). In everything else it is a great place to stay and Carolina is always ready to help you.

Residencial Funchal

Funchal, Portugal

Very good location. Unfortunately because of that good location there is the bad things: noise at night for which the hosts are not responsable.

Hotel Condedu Badajoz

Badajoz, Spain

They should warn when a guest comes with a reservation done through HostelWorld that there is no breakfast included with this kind of reservation (because it is included with other kinds of reservation). Anyway, the breakfast is just 3,50€ when not included on the reservation and it is a all-you-can-eat.

HI - Lisbon Centre

Lisbon, Portugal

They should warn that the Euro >26 card doesn't provide discount when the booking is done through this website.

Shelter Jordan

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Luggage storage with security measures. Shower cabins with place to put the clothes and avoid it to get wet with the water from the shower. Possibility to eat our own food in the caffé's tables.

Abraham Hostel Jerusalem

Jerusalem, Israel

Hostel with a big living room where we can play games, read, drink, eat or just stay arround. Good breakfast.

Fauzi Azar Inn

Nazareth, Israel

Have I arrived at the reception sweating and the blonde girl there prepared for me water with ice to drink. Very good breakfast.

HI Eilat

Eilat, Israel

Well located hostel with a balcony perfect to see the sunset over the mount in Aqaba. Very diverse and good buffet breakfast. Unfortunately there was a group of kids doing a lot of noise during the evening.


Bologna, Italy

It's a family's house. Very friendly the couple who lives there.

Affittacamere Ghega

Trieste, Italy

Spacious rooms with a lot of space between the beds. Receptionist helpful under demand.Building lifts a little bit old but still working. Wi-fi was accessible in the room.

Pensione Gianni

Trieste, Italy

There should be the information that arrivals after the check-in time are charged with more 10€ over the regular price. In the end, I came during the regular time and was not charged but I just got this information asking my e-mail about arriving at 1:30AM. Anyway, once there everything was fine while there and the person at the reception was quite friendly.

Star Hostel

Belgrade, Serbia

The stuff to do breakfast was on a shelf specially for costumer's self-service and nothing was lacking. Djordje and Marko (the owners) were always helpful and they gave a map by their initiative to show which places to visit in Belgrade. The rooms had more blankets than beds which is good for someone feeling cold (even if the air condition works). There are hundreds of DVD to watch if the costumes want to see a movie. I could leave my luggage after doing check-out. The rooms have lockers.

Happy Hostel

Nis, Serbia

Tatjana was friendly to me and get more friendly when I tried to speak to her in Serbian (even if I was trying actually to speak in Croatian). She made some phone calls to know about schedules for trains and buses to Sofia. The beds were quite comfortable. Turkish coffee served.

Hostel Ljubicica

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

The bed given was not exactly in the hostel but in some other space in a place reachable for a very unleveled street and the man who guided me to that place didn't help me with the bags to go up through that street.