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Dar Assenfou

Essaouira, Morocco

The place is like a home away from home. The room is clean. The place is walking distance from the beach and peaceful. The hosteliers are amazing. They are very friendly and kind.

Amour de Riad

Marrakech, Morocco

I was traveling for only one night and I was alone, so I did not have time to make a full accessment of the place. But my impression is that the place is nice. The only problem what that my room was too small. The hosteliers were very laid-back and relaxed. It is a good place to stay.

Dar Bargach

Tangier, Morocco

People are friendly. The place is very clean. It is easy to locate once you get use to the Medina.

Riad Hotel Espagne

Marrakech, Morocco

At this hostel, I felt so at home. I did not want to leave. I wish time would have been more generous for me to stay there longer. To me this hostel is luxury to me. The hostel offers a friendly service and clean room.


There are many places that I could write a negative comment about, but this place is not one of them. It is perfect. Nice people, good location and great atmosphere. I wish I had stayed longer.

  • 11th Nov 2012
  • Avid Traveller
  • England
  • Mixed Group, 25-30
  • (20 reviews)

Citi Hostels

Dublin, Ireland

It needs to be shut down and refurbished. It needs to be cleaned and well looked after. The kitchen was the worse place. It looks like people stole most of the stuff there. Don't drink the milk unless it has been in the fridge; the cleaner refilled the bottles. The sugar was opened and the tea bags looked like it was rotten. Just paid for the room and have Breakfast somewhere else. Yuk!

Faro Easy Sleep

Faro, Portugal

When I arrived at the hostel, the safe allowed me to leave my bags there. :-) Then when I returned to check-in the receptionist told me that I needed a copy of the reservation. When I showed him the e-mail on my iphone as proof of purchase, he then changed his attitude towards me. Now image you arriving at the hostel late at night, tired and the receptionist treats you like that. You will not have any facility to get a copy at that time at night.


The walls of the room needed a little decoration. It is a great location if you want to visit both City Centre and Disneyland. It would have been nice if the room price included breakfast. I was with my partner and the cleaners kept just living one towel. The room key needed to be updated every day that we were there. You can leave your most expensive stuff in your room and the cleaners would not steal it.


On the website, there was no German number to contact them. When I arrived, I was informed about the 5 Eur all you can drink alcohol. Now, as I am not such a big drinker, I wanted to pay for the days I wanted to drink. For 4 night, they charged me 200 Eur and then they wanted me to pay all or nothing for the beers and sangrias. Now I thought that was stupid, so I said no to that. Breakfast and bbq was tasteless and growing with bacteria. But, aussies are great fun! Love em. I'd camp out again.

Riad Habram

Fez, Morocco

I truely loved the place and I felt like I was in heaven. The family are wonderful and I had a great time there with them. :) If you want to experience life stay there, or just stay with all the 5* losers that think that life is perfect.

Pousada do Tadeu

Jericoacoara, Brazil

The place is very basic, just the way I like it. You just need to bring your own Toilettries or buy it at the local supermarket. Do sleep on a hammock if you haven't slept in one before. I have nothing negative to say about this place. Recommend it.

Travellers Home Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

This hostel is located downtown Pest, However, I was able to put my two good feet to use to walk around the city. It has a homely feeling about it. The owner treated me with kindness. It is great for a group of people (8) to stay there, as they will have privacy during their stay. I would stay there again. Just follow the intructions on the website on how to get there.

Beersbridge Annex

Glasgow, Scotland

You can feel safe in the hostel. However, the hostel is far from the city centre.

Campanhã Guest House

Porto, Portugal

It is close to the train station. The staff there are very friendly. It is one of the nicest place to lay your head down for a few night. There are plenty of places to have breakfact around. And if you are looking for a place to walk, you can actually walk to the old town from there, I did. Try some Guarana, that will give you energy.

PLUS Camping Jolly

Venice, Italy

The room was freezing at night and the heating did not work. Will not be staying there again. For me it is important that the place is warm.

Hotel Medusa Milan

Milan, Italy

One of the receptionist was smoking in the reception area. Location is too far from all the attractions in Milan.


I arrived there and the lady was very nice, However, she or another person was not there when I needed to check-out. Breakfast was very small.

La Casa Del Sol

Marrakech, Morocco

Not blaming the hotel, but I find that the area is not well sign posted. The street names are not clear, I did not get a good map from the Hotelier, as it only contain the main roads. But in all, the Hotelier was awfully friendly. I could not ask for a better person to greet me. I would definately stay at this Guess House again, should I return to lovely Marrakesh.


3 One tip for your website, you should show the hostel's facility and you should also show what is included in the price. 4 I sometimes travel alone and everytime I go on your website and state that I am one person, you show me hostel for 30 people as an example. Please do me a favour as I book on your website quite often, if I am traveling alone, then you should only should me hostels that have single rooms. It will save me time and I will like to book with you again.


1. When I arrived at the bus stop to get to the hostel, it was hard to find. There were some signs, but as it was dark, they could not be seen. The location of this site is not on Via Cassia, it is on one of the turns. 2. When I arrived at the site, the reception was close and they was no sign stating that if one arrives after a certain time they should turn, instead of walking so far and having to go back. So have signs for all entrances.