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Location: China, Gender: Female, Age: 30


Tokyo, Japan

It is a little far from main subway station- which could be a pain if you have heavy luggage. Other than that, it is perfect for people want to enjoy a quiet and peaceful Tokyo. It is extremely close to Tokyo University, great atmosphere around, a lot restaurants and walk tours to take. The staff speak pretty good English and it is a great Japanese tamami style hostel which you don't always get.


Very friendly staff and helpful, great location near airport. A lot people came to Anchorage at midnight, this is a good place to stop by for one night or two to get some sleep and continue to explore the rest of wild Alaska.

Hostel International Point

El Calafate, Argentina

It's a little off the main street and not as fancy as the rest hotels but great value, beautiful lake view

Central Backpackers

Oxford, England

it's a little bit too crowded, the restrooms and the public area, other than that very good, very helpful staff

  • 3rd Sep 2012
  • Avid Traveller
  • China
  • All Female Group, 18-24
  • (12 reviews)


Bath, England

we stay at the 1st floor, and it stinks....but the bed is clean, restroom and dining space are both clean, it's only the walkway and the room stink somehow...

  • 2nd Sep 2012
  • Avid Traveller
  • China
  • All Female Group, 18-24
  • (12 reviews)


Kyoto, Japan

The wood floor could be a little noisy if you are sensitive sleeper, other than that, wonderful. Great location (a little tricky to find the first time), super nice staff very sweet cozy ambiance

Academy Hostel

Florence, Italy

One of the best hostel I've ever stayed. Super great location and very nice staff. I was at a three person room, and the staff is very kind to let a girl take the bed next to me when the couple came.

Hotel del Peregrino

Merida, Mexico

Avery nice quiet place to stay and the staff are very helpful.

Chicago Getaway Hostel

Chicago, USA

The place is much cleaner than one year ago when I stayed there, but still have a lot to improve. The location is really excellent, close to bus stop and Clark street.


It's overrated. The restrooms are a little messy and my room has bugs..

Carruth House

Boston, USA

Though the house is a little bit far from the subway station currently, other advantages win over it. The room is nice and the host is great.

Jazz on the City

New York, USA

The location is nice, you can take either blue/orage or red line to get to it. And there are several grocery sotres and pharmacy near by. But dont expect more than a bed for sleep.