Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Brazil, Gender: Male, Age: 35

Tucano House Backpackers

Florianopolis, Brazil

That's the third time I stayed at this hostel, and it's always good to come back. All they say about this hostel is true. Fun, beautiful young people, staff are great, it is clean, meals are good, activities are fun, they even maneuver your car while you're sleeping. Kind of place parents send their kids, so they know they're gonna be taken good care of ;P Abraços pra Ana Paula, Carol e Leo!!!!!!!!

Submarino Hostel

Florianopolis, Brazil

Nice hostel, hidden in a quiet spot of the Lagoa da Conceição. The owners are very friendly. Relaxing liberal atmosphere, so it's cool, if you know what I mean.

Ho'oponopono Hostel

Praia do Rosa, Brazil

Owned by 4 uruguayans, cool relaxing atmosphere, the guys at hostel are easy going, nice fellows. The facilities are modest but the price is cheap. Bedrooms are down in the basement/cellar and smells musty, wouldn't be fun on a rainy winter night though lol

Eco Pampa Hostel

Buenos Aires, Argentina

It is CLEAN and near Palermo So-ho, although all the rooms could be female and mixed. Male-only dorms always smell and I don't understand the point of it.

Tucano House Backpackers

Florianopolis, Brazil

The CLEANEST hostel I\'ve ever stayed in my life. Everything is sparkling new, clean and cute. Even the communal bathrooms and the kitchen are and smell cleaness. The crew couldn\'t be better. They\'re amazingly nice and helpful and make you feel very homey. They even park and maneuver your car while you\'re asleep and charge nothing for that! The breakfast is good and goes until 11am. The area is SAFE to walk and near Lagoa\'s restaurants, pubs & nightlife. Will return as soon as possible.


A lot of nice people, pretty girls, interaction, activity, even a pool! Pretty clean for a hostel, but I saw a cockroach near the rooms. The staff is very helpful and kind. The location is BAD, on a not-so-good neighborhood, MANY blocks away from the market (Rouses), the E2 bus stop (to the airport) @ Carrollton & Tulane Av, and the French Qter. On my way to the bus stop, some "bros" made fun of me. However, Canal St. Streetcar passes just by the corner. Would definetely stay there again!!!


A very nice party hostel, with good security. The breakfast is poor: tasteless pancakes with syrup and weak coffee, so you rather make your own. The location is good but the market is a few blocks away. Also, the cleanliness: not very clean, and they've got bedbugs, as almost any hostel/hotel in the US. Bathrooms inside rooms tend to be dirtier than the communal ones. But you can consider this, since it's an excellent party hostel, with lots of social interaction.

Perfect Hostel

Paris, France

It\'s more like a flop hotel than a hostel. Everything is kind of old. The bathrooms are dirty and deteriorated. Breakfast is good.