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Fat Margaret's

Tallinn, Estonia

No customer comment

R Hostel

Kaunas, Lithuania

Good location, about 10 min from old town. Depending who is working will determine the amount (if any) of English they speak. Kitchen only has a microwave, not hot plate, no oven. No laundry or credit card like website states. Very clean, good value.

Baltic Downtown Hostel

Gdansk, Poland

Very clean and well priced hostel close to old town Gdansk 10 min walking. Kitchen only had microwave, no hot plate/oven. No laundry facilities as mentioned on hostelworld. Wifi worked on and off.

Surprise Backpackers

London, England

Good value for price. Excellent location, right in Westminster in between 2 tube stations. Washrooms can get pretty dirty at night since there are no staff working in between 11-8.

Bali Senia Hotel

Sanur, Indonesia

Website advertises and shows pictures of having a pool, there is no pool! Pretty sneaky. Far from beach, website also lies about that. Very dirty room and bathroom. Would not recommend to anyone. We stay in hostels all the time, our standards are not too high, but would not stay here again. Would rather chew off my own foot.

Dreamcatcher Hostel Ltd

Golden, Canada

Very clean & comfortable. High standard furniture and beds etc. Great location and very friendly staff.

Equity Point Gothic

Barcelona, Spain

Great everything except the price on the weekends is not worth what you get. Guy that works the nights is down right rude Great location, good atmosphere.

Low Cost Inn Faro

Faro, Portugal

Very very unorganized hostel! You may or may not stay at the place online, breakfast may or may not be included depending on who you talk to, website advertises 2 free drinks per person per day which is a total lie! Very unhappy with this hostel, do not stay here if you do not have to!

Lisbon Old Town Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

Great location, friendly staff, good price

Jaeger's Munich

Munich, Germany

Very clean and good location. Advertised having wifi in rooms which is not the case and the wifi in the lobby area is too slow and works in and out all the time. Also the had about 20 kids 15 and 16 years old there, was very annoying, I heard they have a reputation for letting really young school groups in.

Host Hotel Venice

Venice, Italy

Good place to stay, had a great comp. breakfast. Not much heat at all in lobby and only one computer which was difficult to get on

Old City Hostel Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

Great location, very helpful staff, however, lockers would be nice