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The Indy Hostel

Indianapolis, USA

Indyhostel is a great little hostel, and the only one in Indianapolis. It has the feel of a family home, where you can hang out in the living room and watch TV or drink a beer on the porch and socialize. I stay here every year for the Indianapolis 500 and they have made great improvements in the 5 years I have stayed here. The downstairs dorm room used to be stuffy and seemingly always under construction but now it is spacious and airy while the other facilities remain clean and nice.

  • 21st May 2014
  • Globetrotter
  • Canada
  • All Male Group, 25-30
  • (22 reviews)

The Only Backpacker's Inn

Toronto, Canada

Great bar, great breakfast, close to the Subway (although not close to downtown). Only problem was that on the first night I was there I had gone out and come back late to find someone in the bed I was assigned, which isn't great. It points to either poor organization or poor security. I managed to find someone that worked there who found me another bed, but that wasn't great.

  • 15th Nov 2013
  • Globetrotter
  • Canada
  • Male, 25-30
  • (22 reviews)

The Indy Hostel

Indianapolis, USA

A great hostel with a great atmosphere. It is a tad bit of a trek from downtown but not far from a lot of bars and restaurants, too bad the Public transit system in Indianapolis is so poor. Security could be better as the individual room doors do not lock and the main entrance seemed to be wide open much of the time.

The New York Loft Hostel

New York, USA

A very nice hostel with a great atmosphere. A little far from Manhatten, and in a rather industrial area. Great kitchen and common area very conducive to meeting people, would definitely recommend.


Rooms are nice, showers are average. The Kitchen is the dodgiest kitchen I have ever seen anywhere. Dudes, buy some forks, dinner plates, and pots. Also security could be better.

Bru Bar & Hostel

Cork, Ireland

Not a bad hostel, although the rooms are quite small for six people. The Bar is nice and the staff were good.

Globetrotter Inn London

London, England

A very good hostel with all the amenities that one needs to feel comfortable. I would stay here again if I go back to London.

The Nightingale Lodge

Liverpool, England

A very nice Hostel, just outside of the city centre of Liverpool. The Directions are a tad difficult, but once you get there it is quite a beautiful building. The Kitchen facilities are excellent and the common room is very spacious. The Beds are comfortable and the bathrooms are clean. My only complaint I guess would be that the showers could be warmer.

Euro Hostel Glasgow

Glasgow, Scotland

Was a decent Hostel with good facilities, but it lacked character, it was far too institutional for my liking. The Showers were also a but hit or miss for temperature. The Bar was mostly filled with regulars and people working at the hostel, making it hard to meet other guests. Not the worst Hostel ever, nut not the best either.


Antwerp, Belgium

A very nice hostel. Bridget is a vry friendly host and the facilities are excellent. The whole place feels very family like as it is so small. You should look into having internet in the hostel for those without a compter as internet cafes in antwerp close really early.

St Christopher's at The Winston

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The hostel was not great. The Bar is fine, but smoky (of both the tobacco and marijuana variety) and the beds are uncomfortable. The showers were not very clean either. For what you pay for a bed in the dorm it is not worth it really.


A solid Hostel with a decent bar. I was there when the Kitchen was unavailable due to a burst pipe, which was a bummer, but on the whole it was a very good hostel. TV in the dorm was a nice touch.

Sleep in Heaven

Copenhagen, Denmark

Not a bad Hostel, but not a great one. Staff are very friendly but the showers are not very good and there are no locks on the room doors although there are lockers. No Kitchen is a big downer because food in copenhagen is expensive, but free internet is nice.

EastSeven Berlin Hostel

Berlin, Germany

A very nice hostel not too far from the city centre. It can be a bit far away with the current transit strike, but nothing too bad. The Hostel is really clean, the staff really helpful and it has some very nice facilities.

Frankfurt Hostel

Frankfurt, Germany

Frakfurt Hostel is a great place to stay. Comfortable and clean rooms, a nice bar with cheap beer, and a very welcoming atmosphere. Also just a stones throw from the train station which is excellent. To all those travelling to Frankfurt, you should stay here!!!!!

Sudpfanne Hostel

Heidelberg, Germany

Generally it is not a hostel with a bar, it is a bar with a hostel. The Bar is fine, good character, but the beds are unfomfortable, the security is terrible (the lock to the dorm room door ws literally coming apart). The directions they give are very vague (it hard to tell what they mean by the main street). The staff were not good, partly because they were doubling as waiters and waitresses in the bar, so they had little time. Overall the worst hostel I have stayed in thus far, but it is the only hostel in Heidelberg.

Hostel Rosemary

Prague, Czech Republic

A safe hostel near the centre. It is more of a quiet environment bu there are pubs not too far away and czech beer is super cheap.


Wobats is Awesome, especially when zou get to be on German TV. My onlcomplaint is that someone kept nicking my food out of the fridge...........

Most Hostel

Ljubljana, Slovenia

A very nice and clean hostel with spacious rooms and really great showers. There were not a whole lot of people there when I was there and the staff never seemed to be around, but when they were they were helpful and friendly. would definitely recommend though if you want a hostel close to everything and really comfortable.

Youth Meeting Home

Florence, Italy

Had an amazing time, would defnietly reccomend to anyone going to Florence. The staff are great, the location is perfect, and the whole experience was just awesome!!!!

Hostel of the Sun

Naples, Italy

Hostel of the Sun is amazing!!! I had an absolute blast and really enjoyed Naples, a sometimes derided city. The Staff are great and the beds are warm and comfortable, definetly would reccomend going out of your way to visit Naples because of this hostel!!!!!!!

Hostel Des Artistes

Rome, Italy

A decent Hostel, but nothing spectacular. Beds were clean, place was safe but the common room was not very good. I would reccomend because it is not very expensive and it is close to the train station and it is right next to a Metro stop.