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Backpackers Paradise

Oudtshoorn, South Africa

A very nice property that is about an hour north of George. The kitchen is large and equipped with the basics. The front of the property can be noisy as it faces the main road and cars can be frequent between 6 am and late night. The main drag is about a kilometer away, which means you'll have to walk a while if you want to head into town. Overall, a good experience. Staff is great at arranging tours. Do the Meerkat Experience with the "Meerkat Man" as well as the Cango Caves for sure.

All Days Hostel

Toronto, Canada

This is excellent value for the Toronto market. It was nice to find an affordable option where sleep was the focal point of the stay. Definitely a place for more mature travelers to stay for a night or two. The only downside was the fact that the bed was of suspect quality, but overall great value.


This place is a dump to put it politely. From not being able to get a decent night\'s sleep, no luggage room, overflowing showers(as a result of clogged drains), overflowing garbage bins full of beer cans and staff who were unwilling do rectify our problems I cannot recommend this hostel unless it is a last resort. Even the private rooms felt like dorms. There has got to be a better affordable option than Anne Hostel.

Sleepers Sleep Cheaper Hostel

Monteverde, Costa Rica

Really thought this was a lovely spot. Getting to live with a young Costa Rican family was an added bonus to my itinerary. Would definitely recommend to other travelers.