Reviews: fidessferrer

Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 30

Umbrella Hostel

Bucharest, Romania

Only stayed at Umbrella for one night, as I was catching a flight out of Bucharest at 6am and arrived at 6pm the night before. Great recommendation from Phillip on what to see and where to eat in my few precious hours. Walkable to the Old City, walkable from the train station. Rooms were clean, provided a free locker and free reading lamp. Would stay again if I make it back

Kismet Dao Hostel

Brasov, Romania

Kismet Dao Hostel was great. The staff is very accommodating and friendly with many recommendations on how to enjoy your time in Brasov. They offer a 3 Castles Tour which is pricey, but yet made it so easy to see the Peles Castle, Rasnov Fortress and Bran Castle. The offer you a free beverage a night per stay, which can be used on pop to beer. This was one of the cleanest hostels I've ever been to. Breakfast was nothing to rave about, yet appreciated. Great basement lounge to make friends.

Hostel Mostel

Sofia, Bulgaria

Hostel Mostel was great and I would definitely recommend to all! They provide free breakfast and free dinner, which is pretty much unheard of. They a good Rila Monastery tour as well, that gives you a little extra and takes you up to a cave. The driver is very nice!. The common room is a great place to make friends and is always open. Bathrooms are clean and staff is very helpful. Would stay again!

Cheers Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Cheers Hostel has a great location right in the Old City by all of the old sites. A quick walk to Aya Sofya, Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace. The rooftop terrace has a great view of the Aya Sofya and has its own bar. The bar always has a few people in it and the staff is very friendly. When getting recommendations from the staff on a bar to go to, they had one of the guys walk us there. Would stay again if I come back to Istanbul!

Base Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand

stayed here on my second trip thru auckland, and really glad that they got new furniture because it was badly needed.

Crash Palace

Rotorua, New Zealand

they had a hostel dog and cat that were always friendly. they even had a free BBQ that was filling and delicious. Chris helps you with anything that you need and remembers you when you come back later in your trip- which we did. Would come back to Crash, great vibe!

Base Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand

the showers were a pain, the kitchen was huge, but only half of the burners worked. the tv rooms were cool as well. its a good place to meet people. it is really big, so you pay for everything, no freebies- but thats expected with a chain place.

City Centre Budget Hotel

Melbourne, Australia

free internet was convenient, the showers were warm and clean. the rooftop was cool, but rather empty. not the best place if you want to make your own food or get really social.


Its kind of hard to find, but it has a great location and a really nice staff. the roof is a great place to hang out and i made some friends with people fellow travelers and the people that worked there. The rooms all have themes that are pretty fun. I would def stay here again.

INOUT Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

that steep hill climb up to the hostel is not something you want to do at the end of a long day. the place was nice and clean, we had a bathroom in our room but it was pretty gross and i ended up using the communal bathrooms instead. its kind of far from barcelona and costs like at 8 euros a day to get to and from the main part of town.


Pretty far away from the main part of town, but the free shuttle made it easy. the place was really nice, clean and the people were super friendly and helpful. the bar/commonroom/restuarant/computerarea was real nice and a great place to meet people and get drunk. its a great atmosphere with only 1 euro beers! i would definately come back.

PLUS Camping Jolly

Venice, Italy

we stayed in a mobile home and that was good. we had our own bathroom and fridge. we had to pay for the shuttle, and it was super far away from venice, but its do-able. also when we went the bar was closed so that wasnt too much fun. no common room or anything. not a great place to meet people.

PLUS Florence

Florence, Italy

Good place, decent kitchen, great location. we did the wine tasting tour that was great. unfortunately the place gave me bed bugs. and that sucked and ruined a lot of my trip.

Silver Gate Hostel

Split, Croatia

The girl that checked us in was great! She gave us this map and a quick run down of Split. Its a real nice location, clean and whatnot. Free internet is good, but i suggest eating out because theres only one warmer.

Keleti Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

Its so close to the train station that its great if you have a morning train. Its literally an apartment that has been transformed to a hostel, but its real comfy, homey and inviting. We ended up staying longer than we intended and made some great friends here. Would come back for sure.

Hostel Ruthensteiner Vienna

Vienna, Austria

Great place to stay in Vienna. There was a happy hour every night and a very inviting atmosphere to make friends. The kitchen was pretty small, but you can learn to work around others. Very clean and would definately come back!

A Plus Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

Bar downstairs was a great place to get drunk, not to meet people tho. Definately one of the best free breakfasts i\'ve ever gotten from a hostel though. Communal showers were a nice surprise, but the kitchens on every floor made it very easy to make our dinner.

The Tent Munich

Munich, Germany

We stayed here for Oktoberfest and it was the best time ever. the bonfires were so much fun and a great place to meet people, get drunk and have an incredible time. Come here if you want to have fun and make friends, not if you want to sleep.

All In Hostel/Hotel

Berlin, Germany

the facilities were really nice. very clean, but you have to pay for your own sheets. communal showers were a surprise, and not a very friendly atmosphere to meet other travelers.

The White Tulip Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Oh the White Tulip! We did not know that it was in the red light district when we booked it. lots of guys in the hostel, barely any girls. the bathrooms were the grossest i ever showered in. it was horrid. walking distance from the train station. would probably find somewhere else to stay next time in amsterdam.


The bar downstairs was a great place to meet people and have fun with lots of great and cheap beers. Rooms were clean and the bathrooms were decent.

Abrahams Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

The breakfast lady was one of the nicest people we met on my entire trip! North side of the river on a street where most hostels are. Kitchen gets pretty crowded around dinner time tho.

Smart Camden Inn Hostel

London, England

Good location in hip camden town. Decent breakfast. Small bathrooms tho.