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American Dream Hostel

New York, USA

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Excellent location, especially if you like to go out at night as it is a short walk to all the best clubs. Great patio area for sitting and enjoying the view of the sea. Friendly staff.

Wasi Hostel - Buzios

Buzios, Brazil

Great value hostel with a very friendly and accommodating staff. Location is great to get to Praia Geriba, but you'll have to catch a van for a quick ride into town to see everything else. Simple but clean hostel.

Chill On The Beach Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Better to stay in Ipanema or Leblon if you can, but as a second choice this is a great hostel in Copacabana.

Casa Stefania Residence

Sorrento, Italy

The Good: Location allows you to avoid the traffic in Sorrento when going to Positano/Amalfi, which is actually surprisingly useful as there is just one road in and out of Sorrento and traffic is generally bad at all hours. Also, there is a fantastic, authentic brioche shop across the street and restaurant within walking distance. The Bad: The staff, though kind, was not so knowledgeable about the surrounding area. Also, it was unseasonally cold at night, and there was no heat in house.

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excellent observator, you hit the target, the location is perfect for those who wants to enjoy both Sorrento and the Amalfi coast. Sorry not to have been useful enough, too short time to get in contact.

Mosquito Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Great staff, really enjoyed hanging with them. I stayed at another popular hostel before staying here, and would definitely recommend Mosquito as the best in Krakow.


Not much of an atmosphere at all, but serviceable, and in a good location.

Bahaus Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Good community feel among the guests, nice rooftop deck for breakfast and drinks in the evening.

Hotel Giappone

Florence, Italy

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B&B Il Porto Vecchio

Stintino, Italy

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Maison de Didi

Rome, Italy

We had a charming little room with a nice view. Owner was very nice. Facilities are basic, but clean and well-kept.

Albergo Marina

Cinque Terre, Italy

It's a hotel, not a hostel, but a nice place to stay in Monterosso.

Rhome Hosting

Rome, Italy

A 3-4 room bed & breakfast rather than a hostel, so I rated it through that lens. Very nice place, quiet, close to the Vatican. I spend a lot of time in Rome and can say that for the price at this time of year it is still a good value.

CCLy Hostel

Catania, Italy

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Very consistent with the Wombats in Munich, if you've stayed at that location. Good value for the money.


The property is actually an apartment that has been converted into a 'B&B' . The manager is a very lovely person, though. The facilities are great and the location can't be beat.

Oops Design Hostel

Paris, France

Nothing really 'wrong' with this hostel, just a pretty uninspiring space. It's clean though, and located in a great spot.


Friendly staff, good location, clean environment, but nothing about this hostel stands out above and beyond other places. I thought it was the least unique of the 7-8 "Famous Hostels" I've stayed.

Ostello Bello

Milan, Italy

Great location with a lively bar that draws more than just guests.

Las Musas Hostel

Madrid, Spain

I stayed in a handicap accessible room that was probably the largest hostel room I've ever stayed in (room 1-1, fwiw). The hostel was also clean and in an excellent location. My one complaint was that hot water was pretty spotty and usually you had to shower at an off-peak time to ensure supply. I didn't expect this sort of a hassle in Madrid. Nevertheless, I would definitely stay again.

Riad Massin

Marrakech, Morocco

Unimpressive but doable.

Hostel Waka Waka, Marrakech

Marrakech, Morocco

I was in a room off the main common area that had no door (just a curtain) and no security lockers. I was a little uneasy about this but I was able to leave some things with the staff during the times I was away. The staff was very kind and concerned about its guests. Breakfast was good, though basic (bread, jam, and tea only). The nearby Equity Point is much nicer though more expensive. Good place to stay if you are price sensitive and still want to be in a great location.

Hotel Central

Casablanca, Morocco

A very average place to stay, but I do not say that with a negative connotation. Good location, decent rooms, and friendly staff. The breakfast included is very nice and is as good as you will find in Morocco without heading to a proper restaurant.

Hotel Ariston

Venice, Italy

I didn't care much for the hotel itself but it was conveniently located near a bus with direct service to Venice and pretty close to the Mestre train station too. Given how quite things get in Venice at night, I actually didn't mind staying in Mestre, for what it's worth. Though, I would probably look for something closer to the commercial heart of Mestre if I were to go back.

La Perla Ibiza

Ibiza, Spain

To be consistent with my other ratings I rated La Perla as if it were a hostel, which it isn't. It's a hotel on a sleepy part of the island generally reserved for older tourists...but it is cheap and available at the last minute, which is why I ended up there. Aside from being removed from the heart of the action, it was a pretty nice place to stay and the staff was friendly.

Dubrovnik Backpackers Club

Dubrovnik, Croatia

I simply cannot give this hostel anything less than 100% because the people that own and operate it are just so lovely, and make you feel so loved during your stay, that it trumps all other considerations. The matriarch of the family a) has an uncanny ability to remember your name from the first moment you walk in and b) is a terrific cook and provides wonderful, authentic Croatian dinners as well as perhaps the best french toast you may ever find.

Residencia Damia Bonet

Valencia, Spain

This hostel (actually, a residence hall for University of Valencia) is new, safe, and in a pretty convenient part of town. Just realize that it's not really a hostel, so bar crawls and all the typical party starters are not really existent here. On the flip side, you get your own room and bathroom, which is nice since you don't have to keep loading and unloading your pack/security locker everytime you want something.


Hostel rooms are very spacious, new, but are on automatic AC (set to work only from 21:00 - 09:00), which is kind of annoying because it can get pretty hot during the day when you're trying to nap (if you're like me). Otherwise, not many complaints. The rooftop deck is a great starting congregation spot and the hostel itself is close to lots of great bars and restaurants. I would definitely stay there again.

Funky Cordoba

Cordoba, Spain

Pretty bland hostel, but excellent location and pretty helpful staff. Hostel itself doesn't offer much in the way of "fun", however, so go elsewhere if you're looking for a party spot.

Travellers House

Lisbon, Portugal

Wonderful hostel. Staff is excellent, very accommodating and definitely help to get the party started. Rooms are well-designed and spacious. However, for what it's worth, I was very disappointed with the bar crawl. We ended up going to a bunch of places that were completely empty except for hostel kids. Just words of warning though, as the hostel itself is brilliant. Definitely recommend staying there.

Gold Coast

Lagos, Portugal

The owner/manager is a great guy; clearly cares a lot about the hostel guest. There is a nice terrace area where it's quite easy to meet people and make plans for the evening. The rooms are very clean. Breakfast is pretty weak, but serviceable. My only real gripe about this place is that no security locker is large enough to hold a laptop. I was able to rig up another alternative, but just beware.

Sleep Well Youth Hostel

Brussels, Belgium

I had limited interaction with the staff but they were friendly and helpful when I did need them. Not a very lively hostel, definitely don't expect the party to start at Sleep Well. The location is really convenient for getting in/out of town since it's close to the Brussels North Station, however, it's a pretty long walk to some of the cooler stuff in the south of town.

Che Lagarto Hostel Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande, Brazil

Best thing about this hostel was it´s location. Supposed to be a good party hostel too but I really wasn´t impressed. Most rooms had an ensuite bathroom that was well-maintained. I had a problem with the lockers though. On the locker I was assigned I was able to pull the hook and lock completely away from the wood it was attached without much effort at all. Not exactly secure.

Sunset Backpackers

Florianopolis, Brazil

I can imagine this place gets pretty rockin´ during the summertime. Amazing property with a friendly, fun-loving staff. The staff even came out with us one night! Only downside is that it can be a bit difficult/expensive to get downtown. Nevertheless, I would definitely recommend this hostel to anyone passing through Floripa.

Ciudad Vieja Hostel

Montevideo, Uruguay

Standard hostel. Covers the basic bases but is pretty unspectacular. One problem I had though was with one member of the staff. The guy suggested to me to take the bus to the airport but NEVER mentioned the fact that the first airport the bus stops at is not the right one. It was late at night and thankfully I met a women who phoned me a taxi, but if it weren\'t for her I could have missed my flight.

Terrazas Estoril

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Location makes it a bit of a pain to get to some of the more attractive parts of the city but I would still recommend this hostel. The staff, especially Diego, is awesome and that combined with the security and cleanliness makes up for the location in my mind.


Recoleta is very clean, with nice rooms and a very friendly, helpful staff. However, it is one of the less sociable hostels I have stayed in as the location is kind of removed from the city and there really is not much chance to interact with other guests. If you are looking for a more chill place, I would highly recommend this place.