Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Hungary, Age: 29

Puerto Azul Hotel

Tenerife, Spain

I really liked the girl (from Malaysia) working at the reception. She was so nice, friendly, kind, welcoming and always smiling. She was also so helpful and gave me some suggestions what to see around the area. If I could stay longer, I would extend my time over there just because of her excellent service and attitude.

Big Fish Las Palmas Hostel

Gran Canaria, Spain

The 2 hungarian girls working there were good, but the half english/french girl was terrible (I think her name was Melisa). She was extremly UNFRIENDLY, unwelcoming, didn't waste her time responding to your conversation and stared at you. I'm wondering why she's working in the hospitality industry. She needs to know how to be friendly to guests.

Funky Cordoba

Cordoba, Spain

Hostel is nice and in a good location. Daniel is the best there! So friendly, funny,always smiling. You need to keep him there forever.

LxCorner Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

Excellent hostel, excellent location, excellent staff, who work there including the owner - very sweet and friendly person, always smiling, willing to help you at any time and answer all your questions. Definitely recommend this hostel to anyone.

Sant Jordi Sagrada Familia

Barcelona, Spain

Excellent hostel! My special thanks goes towards Rafa. He was the best! He is very welcoming, friendly, funny,entertaining - the best employee you could have asked for. You must keep him there forever and he will bring you lots of business.

Sobaka Hostel

Yalta, Ukraine

Everything was good, nice and clean hostel and friendly staff. Good job.

Louise 20

Dresden, Germany

Nice hostel to stay. Good location, nice staff.

Jaeger's Munich

Munich, Germany

I didn' t like this hostel comparing to the other hostels I stayed at. People who work there, have fake smiles on their faces, they don't go extra miles for good ratings. If you ask them something, they are not very helpful, they just think for themselves : Just pay for your accomodation and don' t bother me. I asked something a girl who checked me in, her reply was - there is internet, find out for yourself. Other hostel helped me out. This hostel neeeds to improve, specially in hospitality.

Five Elements Hostel Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany

Excellent service and excellent staff who works there! Good job guys.

Nomads All Nations

Melbourne, Australia

I was very disappointed with the room I stayed in and couldn't believe they actually let people stay in it. The room is on Spencer street, so there's constant noise and light all night. Forget about any sleep. Everyone in the room agreed that they couldn't sleep at all. It should be used for luggage or there should be dark curtains in the room to block out the light from the street as well as sound proof the windows. Paying for a room that you can't sleep in at all is not fair.

Elephant Backpacker Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia

Watch out when you check in to this hostel. When I arrived, I was put in to a worse room than I had booked because they gave my bed to someone else. Instead of apologising, the NZ lady at reception tried to trick me and put me in another room thinking I wouldn't notice. She obviously doesn't know how to make/keep a booking. If a bed isn't available because of their mistake, they should either upgrade you or refund your money.

Canberra City YHA

Canberra, Australia

Very good hostel, good location and nice, friendly staff. Good job :-) They also provide heaters in the rooms, if you are cold. So nice of them! :-)

Colombo Sea View Hostel

Colombo, Sri Lanka

The hostel needs some security lockers in the rooms, the tips, how to get to a city by bus, by train, what to do in colombo city, what to see, some tours etc.

Wicked Hostels - Calgary

Calgary, Canada

Everything was so perfect. We were very satisfied!


Booking was problematic and it caused stress before my journey. Initially they confirmed my booking, then they didn't, then they confirmed it again. Staff also thought I was checking out and wanted to change my bedding after i had already extended for multiple nights. So word of advice, double check your bookings before you turn up and when you turn up.

Elephant Backpacker Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia

everything was excellent, just those walls in a hostel.. in future maybe it can be different walls, separating each rom from each room, wall up to the ceiling, not finishing somewhere in the middle that you can hear other people, what they talking about in the other rooms.(just for more privacy)