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Avalon House

Dublin, Ireland

Lovely helpful staff: Great hostel:

Four Courts Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

Very good hostel. Just across the river from the Four Courts.

Abigails Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

Good hostel.

Isaacs Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

Very good hostel, perhaps more for the 20's backpackers.

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Thanks very much - we welcome all ages with open arms

The Boutike Hostel

Seville, Spain

Wonderful hostel - thanks for a lovely stay in Seville!


Granada, Spain

No customer comment

Cordoba Bed and Be

Cordoba, Spain

Excellent hostel. Lovely staff.

Cadiz Inn Backpackers

Cadiz, Spain

No customer comment

Emile Hostel

Gibraltar, Gibraltar

wash bed linen

Feel Hostels Soho Malaga

Malaga, Spain

No customer comment


The only criticism is that this hostel had 2 full coach loads of tourists staying, which crowded the hostel and made the atmosphere unfriendly for backpackers. One of those tourists, a man, was banging on the door of a room in the corridor where I stayed (in a female dorm) for about an hour, late at night, until I had to ask him to stop.

Marken Gjestehus

Bergen, Norway

Very nice hostel and good price.


Although there are signs saying No Alcohol, people were drinking at the hostel. On one of the nights I stayed, a man from a coach party was standing in the 2nd floor corridor, in his underpants, banging on a room door for about half an hour, until I had to go out of my room and ask him to stop.


Wonderful staff and a lovely hostel. The only criticism is that the internet use was grossly expensive, but this appears standard rates in Norway, although some hostels, for example Alesund, have free internet. The WIFI is free.

Globetrotters/The Townhouse

Dublin, Ireland

Great hostel - thankyou!

A&O Hamburg Hammer Kirche

Hamburg, Germany

Staff wonderful, but location is marred by there being a lot of drunk people in the streets outside the hostel. Inside was fine.

Hostel Wolna Chata

Gdansk, Poland

No customer comment

Emma Hostel

Warsaw, Poland

I was glad to leave this hostel. If the managers want to see how to run a hostel, visit Mundo hostel in Krakow. The breakfast in Emma hostel was awful - there was a sliced apple which was brown. The coffee was shameful.

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Thanks for your advise! Breakfast is provided by someone else: a small cafe downstairs. We will tell them about your complaints.

Mundo Hostel

Krakow, Poland

If I could give this hostel more than 100%, I would. Thankyou for a wonderful stay in Krakow.

A&O Dresden Hauptbahnhof

Dresden, Germany

Good location near train station. No kitchen, not even use of a kettle! Internet is expensive at 1 Euro for 20 mins - a rip off. But very clean and nice room.

Steffi's Hostel Heidelberg

Heidelberg, Germany

Nice hostel.

Townside Hostel Bremen

Bremen, Germany

The upstairs section of the dorm is dangerous - stairs is shaky and you cannot stand up there.

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Hello Ellen, thank you for your honest rating. Sorry to read you didn't like the way we designed your house and didn't have a good time here. If you had said something, we could have booked you on a room without upper floor, we have that as well. The ladders and upper floors in the room are proofed by the technical control board. Have a nice day Lucia Hoymann

Globetrotters/The Townhouse

Dublin, Ireland

A great hostel - stay here!

Dublin International (YHA)

Dublin, Ireland

A Nice Hostel - clean and safe - lovely staff.

David Quinn

San Sebastian, Spain

Stay here if you want to party all night, but not if you want to sleep at night. A nice hostel in a lovely location. Helpful and friendly staff and very clean.

The Loft Hostel Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

Wonderful staff, great location - very friendly and welcoming. A lovely place to stay and the staff could not be more helpful. Thankyou.

Ambient Hostel

Keszthely, Hungary

On the first night I stayed, the sheets appeared unwashed, as if they had not been washed after another guest. The rest of the hostel was clean and it is generally a nice place to stay, but you have to pay 1000 Forints extra if you want to use the kitchen.

City Public Hostel

Copenhagen, Denmark

This is a great hostel near the train station, with rose gardens in the front and rear. Lovely atmosphere, but the large dorm downstairs is stifling and hot at night. If they could put some ventilation system in or a few windows, or even leave the door ajar all night, this might help. Otherwise, a good stay. Thankyou.

Slottsskogens Youth Hostel

Gothenburg, Sweden

A lovely safe and clean hostel. Additional luxury of TV in the roooms. Only a short walk to the harbour and City sites.