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Lybeer Travellers' Hostel

Bruges, Belgium

A very nice, clean hostel with good value for the the money. I docked it for Facilities because it was being renovated while we were there, so the hallways were a bit messy. But the rooms themselves were lovely and I'm sure given a few more months' of renovations, the place will look great!

Heart Of Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

A bad place for a couple, but that's somewhat our fault for not researching better. The atmosphere is very much geared toward people out to get drunk and party. We booked last minute, so didn't have many options. On cleanliness: they would've gotten high marks, except once we walked into the bathroom and saw a mouse scurry by. They make an effort to keep things clean, but unfortunately the area is very dirty... the mouse freaked us out.

Heart Of Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Terrible place for couples, but we'd recommend it for singles / stoners if it weren't for the mouse we saw skitter through the bathroom. The place looks really clean and the staff clearly works hard to keep things clean, but it's just in a nasty part of town. Be aware that you'll be timesharing with rodents because of that.

Avalon House

Dublin, Ireland

Somewhat rude service checking in. Also, we were initially given a key to a locker that had someone else's stuff in it! EXTREMELY bad in terms of security. What are we paying for if they're accidentally letting other people into a paid locker? When we complained, we were told to "Relax!" by a staffer, VERY rudely. And he wasn't even the staffer I was speaking with! We are pretty laid back and normally get along with staff great. Unpleasant experience, will not go back.


Hostel was very solid all around, but my biggest complaint is that WiFi was not available in the private rooms. You had to go to the common areas if you wanted WiFi. It was also down the first night we were there, so apparently often unreliable. Maybe not a big deal for some, but a problem for me, as I needed to access my work e-mail and related on this trip.

Generator Hostel Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

Had an awful experience with another boarder, who insisted we leave the room we were staying in. She was uncomfortable because she'd messed up the booking and didn't realize I (a male) would be present in the room. Even though I was there first, I was forced to leave. Very unpleasant woman who was rude and never had the courtesy to return any of my greetings. The staff was fortunately very gracious and provided excellent service, but nonetheless it soured our time there.

The Backpackshack

London, England

Great hostel in a very good location, absolutely excellent value. Derek was a wonderful host and it was great having a pint with him and hearing some of his travel stories. The hostel was very affordable compared to other hostels in London and hits all the important requirements: cleanliness, a full kitchen, convenient access to cheap groceries, just down the street from the tube, awesome staff.

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What a great review and every single word of it so true... :) Was a pleasure and I hope you guys enjoy the remaining months of your travels!!!