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I love this place! EVERYTHING was great about it! Definitely not a party hostel, but still an awesome place to meet new people!


Pros: - I arrived to the hostel almost at midnight and the girl at the reception was nice enough to put me in an empty dorm so that I didn't wake up the others. - Cool taxi driver. Cons: - The beds I tried were all completely deformed, very hard to sleep on. - The rooftop is not really closed at night and you can hear absolutely everything that goes on there, so it is very difficult to sleep if someone wants to continue their party there after coming back to the hostel.

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thanks for your comment. we have improved our process so no partys at the rooftop after midnight are allowed!

Hostel Hospedarte Chapultepec

Guadalajara, Mexico

OK hostel, subpar service: 1.- One morning, we were left without water. I tried to report it at 8 am, but no one showed up at the front desk, even though I rang the bell for about 20 minutes. We had plans for that day, but we could not shower before leaving (nor flush the toilet). 2.- The people at the front desk have no clue about tourist sights. The guy at the desk kept saying "Just go downtown", even though I was precisely asking for things to do besides going downtown. "No clue", he said.

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I'm sorry it was just OK this time, Usually we receive high marks for our staff service, it is clear that we can always improve, Thank you for the update. About the issues with the water, I know that it is vital for all we and dont have it for 20 minutes one day, because some reparation at the Hostel can irritate some people, sorry and invite you to come back soon, fortunately it has been repaired, I promise lots of water ;) -Gerardo, HI Hostel – Chapultepec /General Manager

Condominium Parque

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

More than a hostel, it's a cheap hotel, but given that there seems to be no real hostel offer in Santo Domingo, it might be the closest you will find. The place is ok, but it is a very old building and if you arrive at night, it is quite gloomy.

La Casa de Cecilia

Mindo, Ecuador

No customer comment

The Secret Garden Quito

Quito, Ecuador

I liked this place quite a lot. However, it would have been nice if they had a couple of lights on at night (instead of forcing you to stumble your way to the bathroom) and if they had Internet in all of the premises, not only in the rooftop bar. The prices are could be a bit lower (considering that they do not include breakfast), but the view from the rooftop is worth the few extra bucks. Also, the tourist agency on the first floor and its staff ROCK! Ps.- The toilet next to Mindo has a leak

Hostel Urbano

San Jose, Costa Rica

Incredible place, awesome staff!

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Muchisimas gracias por tus comentarios, son muy importantes para nosotros!!!

Unplugged Hostel Pocitos

Montevideo, Uruguay

Staying at the Unplugged was definitely one of the best hostel experiences I have ever had. I have to admit that at the beginning I was a bit disappointed by the room (it was a cramped and it seriously needed some ventilation), but any concerns that I might have had were gone after a couple of hours. There is just something about this place that really makes you feel like you are at home. Actually, it feels pretty much like your college dormitory, new-friends and parties included. Saludos!

La Chimba Hostel

Santiago, Chile

I loved this place. It´s easily one of the best hostels I have ever stayed in. It´s full of style, it´s clean, and it has a nice atmosphere. The local staff is great (cheers Beto!), but my only complaint is about some members of the foreign staff. Whenever they have to do anything more than getting up from the sofa and opening the door for you (and they do seemed annoyed by this sometimes), they just brush you off with a "I will report it later". We did not have wifi in the last house for 4 days

Loki Backpackers La Paz

La Paz, Bolivia

The hostel itself is a great place. It is located at an well-maintained old hotel, the rooms are decent, the bed are super comfortable, and the bathrooms are spotless. The guests are the problem. We knew that it was a party hostel, but there is a clear line between having fun and being plane rude. After the bar closes at 2 am or 3 am, the crowd just roams around yelling at each other, slamming doors, or just chatting loudly right outside the rooms, and the staff was nowhere to be seen, ever.

Ekeko Hostel

Lima, Peru

We had a great time at the Ekeko! The best thing about this perfectly located hostel is its staff, every single one of its member is welcoming and nice to be around, they make the hostel a nice place to chill. My only complaint is about the bathroom: sometimes it was rather messy and neither toilet paper nor hot water were always guaranteed. Regardless, I would stay there again for sure.

Taipei City Jungle House

Taipei, Taiwan

Great place! I will definitely will go back next time I am looking for a place to spend the night in Taipei. The bed was soooooooo comfortable and everything was impeccably clean!

Suzhou Watertown Hostel

Suzhou, China

The place is nice. I wasn't thrilled about the bathrooms or the beds, but the staff is nice and the dog is really cute.


Much better than I expected from reading the ratings. It's actually a really cool hostel!!! The common areas are nice and the rooms are clean; plus, it has a really pretty girl working the front desk:)


Awesome place! The bar and the restaurant are truly great (if a bit pricey). Try the breakfast! The staff is nice, but they won't go off their way to talk to you. One thing that really sucked was the internet... it was really frustrating at times.


I can't begin to describe how great is the staff of this place. The manager knows the names and length of stay of every guest, plus he really does everything he can to help you. I mean, if the price was already too good to be true, the service is high up there too!


Awesome place! Make sure that you take the free tours that the hostel offer.