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Piedra del Mar Hotel Boutique

Puerto Lopez, Ecuador

Our stay in Piedra del Mar was very nice overall. The staff (especially Gabriel and Federico) is very helpful and friendly, they attend to all our request and questions. Cleanliness and security could be better, but they compensate in other aspects. The hostel is very well located and the breakfast was very good as well. I would definetely come back and recommend it.


Very nice place to stay. Although the beach in front is not the best, the breakfast there were really pleasant. Staff is very friendly and they always organize diners with a very good price.


The hostel is very near to the bus and to the beach, although it isn't the best beach of Ubatuba it works out very well if you want to spend some hours there without traveling by bus. The staff is really nice and they speak in several languages,so it was so easy to comunicate with them, thing that it didn't happen in other cities of Brazil.The only problem was with the front door which had the lock broken and the dorm hadn't lock at all, so it seemed a bit insecure but nothing happened after all

La Lechuza Hostel Rosario

Rosario, Argentina

No customer comment


I stayed for only one night. The only problem was getting there, the directions that are in the booking were really poor, and it can be very tricky to find. I was lucky because there were a couple of girls that when they see me with my backpack, they told me the way, because the street wasn't on my map and the directions are not enough. Besides these little problem, it was a really nice stay, nice breakfast and atmosphere, and the cleanliness was excellent.


Really nice place, clean and secured. Maybe it's a bit far from the main atractions, and sometimes can be very noicy for the bar that it's inside of it, which go people who's not from the hostel. I wouldn't recommend it to people that want a quite atmosphere, but overall it was really good for me.

Las Musas Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Very friendly staff, free internet access, really nice lounge area. Breakfast was fine. Walking distance from Prado and Reina Sofia museums and near to the metro. Good place to stay in Madrid

Ciao Hostel

Florence, Italy

Near from Santa Maria Nouvella station and walking distance from the main atraction. The room was very nice and clean, with TV and wi-fi. Great place to stay!!!

Hotel Piave

Venice, Italy

Nice hotel, very near from Mestre Station and very clean but the breakfast wasn't included and the cost of it if you want to pay it is really expensive (like 8 eur for a continental breakfast!!). Despiste this, it was a really nice place to stay

Porta Vescovo B&B

Verona, Italy

This B&B was one of the greatest place I've ever been in Europe. The owner, Paula is great and this enviroment makes you feel like home. Delicious breakfast and everything is super clean. I'd recommend it for sure!!!

Shelter City

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The worst hostel I've ever been! It's supossed to be a christian hostel where is forbiden to take drugs and the staff is always high 24/7. The cleanliness doesn't even exist! and the room was very tiny for 16 people. The bed, awfull! and the breakfast, disgusting! Don't stay here, because it's not even cheap, 24 eur per night it's a waste of money when I'd rather sleep on the street!!!!

Astor Victoria

London, England

One of the best hostels I've ever been... breakfast is awsome and the staff is perfect... we really enjoy our days in Astor Victoria!

Ashfield Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

The cleanliness of this hostel is really poor. I was bite for a flea or something during the night and I still have the bruises. I think they were on the smely and dirty carpet because before I went to sleep I didn't have them and when I get up I was full of these bruises which burned like fire and itched for several days... allthough, breakfast is very good and the location of the hostel is perfect... i wouldn't recomend it anyway

Hotel des Olympiades

Paris, France

Very nice hotel.. cheap, far from the center but close to the metro and walk distance from Sacre Cour and very clean which is the most important for me. I would recomend it and go again