Reviews: trabttam301

Jazz Hostel & Apartments

Bled, Slovenia

The staff was very helpful and friendly. The facilities were kept clean; there were 2 toilets and 2 showers between 5 or 6 rooms. Getting here was the biggest issue because it is a little above town, but still walking distance from the bus stop. From this location you can easily walk to the gorge, or to the castle and loop around the lake. I would have rated value higher, but I was charged a tourist fee on top of amount my hostelworld printout said I owed.

Locomotive Light Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

I stayed in the private double which is located in a different building then the rest of the hostel. For those that don't mind a little walk from the train station or to the sites it is a great room. There are places to eat all around it, and bars which stay open late on weekends. I'm a light sleeper, but the noise wasn't enought to keep me awake. There was also a fridge and washing machine which is always nice in the middle of a backpacking trip.


Getting to the location wasn't that bad when taking the metro, but then actually finding what street it was on was difficult. Even a couple local people (who i asked for help) couldn't find it for about 15 minutes.