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CVJM/YMCA Muenchen

Munich, Germany

Too many restrictions, you better have nice mates in your room, as your luggage is not locked. Breakfast could have something warm, it´s just cold one. If you go ina group, that you take full room is not bad for couple of nights.

Hostel Universus

Gdansk, Poland

Outside isnot a badzone, although the facade is not so welcoming. Inside is completely renovated house, and really comfortable and nice, I very recommend it. Everything worked, nice staff and good place for sharing a beer watching TV. The only minus is the breakfast, bit poor. But we were nicely surprised, I recommend it.

Grampa's Hostel

Wroclaw, Poland

the facade outside is not the most welcoming, but inside is completely reconstructed, very nice, comfy. i strongly recommend. staff is young and helpful, good room for watching TV with a beer. you are free to take in your own food to fridge. just a minus the breakfast, quite poor. very recommendable.

Alibi B14

Piran, Slovenia

Reception charges 5 euro per every hour after 22h for doing check in, when you arrive so late is normally not because you wish it that way. The rest is ok, though in this village you´ll hear the neighbours and people in the street everywhere, so i´ts a problem from the whole place, not of that hostel. I was short of time, i´d rather find a small apartment for few more euros...

Beds N Roses Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

It is more a guesthouse, with people residing long term than a hostel for city visitors (staff isnt there, just for giving keys). very small kitchen. atmosphere then is null. You sure find better hostels in Budapest.

Greg & Tom Party Hostel

Krakow, Poland

In 2 separate buildings, at least the second one the rooms were we stayed were very new, including the shared bathrooms (2 rooms per bathroom) totally new. the room (and beds) a bit small, but enough. i´d recommend it.

Kucera Hotel

Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

Bad communication,i had booking done in hostelworld and when i arrived they knew NOTHING about it. so i got the room finally by pure casualty. a girl forgot to put it in can not work like that!!!

Hotel Nike

Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

i didn´t stay, the hotel told me they had no free rooms after confirmation done in hostelworld.

B&B Pension Mlinar Bled

Bled, Slovenia

very nice place, surrounded by similar pension houses, very quiet but for going by car. very nice old ladies managing the pension, although only speak german, slovenian. very good choice for staying in bled if you have car.

DIC Hostel

Ljubljana, Slovenia

they should first say, that it is a students' residence enabled for tourists during the summer, so you get rooms prepared for students, not for tourists. they obligate to decide one day before if you will have breakfast or not, and they were quite rude when trying to cancel it (we were leaving later than we expected, so just wanted fast check out and go, and they didnt accept to cancel our breakfast!!

Hotel Geblergasse

Vienna, Austria

So pass my email address to Paula Erkel...that´s woman!!