Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Mexico, Age: 39

HI NYC Hostel

New York, USA

Everything was fantastic!


This was my 2nd stay at HI - Chicago, it is the best hostel i've ever stayed at. Flawless in my opinion. The bunks and rooms are spacious, the water is hot, and they serve a huge breakfast buffet, with lots of variety. Staff are pleasant and kind. HI - Chicago should be a model for every hostel.

Duo Housing DC

Washington DC, USA

The location was great and the staff were very nice, but there were some problems with facilities. The handle on the toilet was broken for several days, then there was no toilet paper. Kitchen didn't have napkins, paper towels, or pot holders. There was rotten food in the fridge, it looked like it hadn't been cleaned in weeks. There were 12 people sharing 1 bathroom, which made for a very long wait to use the shower.


This was another really great HI hostel. It's a quick walk to the tourist attractions and CTA. Breakfast is huge - muffins, bagels, croissants, jam, butter, PB, cream cheese, cereal, milk, yogurt, juice, apples, bananas, oranges, coffee and tea! And breakfast starts at 7am, which is a huge convenience for an early riser! Plenty of hot water and great water pressure i the shower. There's a really great cuban cafe on the ground floor. *Note - It's quicker to use the stairs, than the elevator

Stayinn Barefoot Condesa

Mexico City, Mexico

This is a fabulous location! Breakfast is cereal, milk, white bread and jam. Not very substantial, but there's a grocery store and cafes nearby. The shower temperature and water pressure were awesome!! The wifi is excellent! My qualms are that there were no hand towels anywhere. There's no labels or tape to write your name on your food. And in order to leave the hostel in the a.m. you have to wake up a staff member to unlock the door. I enjoyed my stay and would stay here again!

Urban Holiday Lofts

Chicago, USA

The location is outstanding! There are so many cool and affordable shops and resaurants near by and the L stop is a 5 minute walk. The community room was really nice too! Lots of space and natural light. Breakfast was adequate (bagels, cream cheese, cereal, PB, jelly, cream cheese, coffee, tea) but not my cup of tea. But there's an ALDI nearby, if like me, you're more of a yogurt and banana person. It was confusing how each fl has a kitchen, but no dishes, utensils etc. Must use top fl

HI San Diego - Point Loma

San Diego, USA

I overlooked the fine print that said the hostel office closes at 10 PM. That was the same time my plane landed, but the hostel was super accommodating and had a staff member on call let me in at 10:45 pm. This was a fantastic experience! The staff and atmosphere were so mellow, calm, and peaceful. I'm really glad I chose to stay at Point Loma instead of downtown. There's a grocery store, a great donut shop, and lots of cheap delicious taco joints within a 5 min walk!!


Another reviewer mentioned that there was no hot water in the showers - there is hot water, but it takes about 5 minutes to get hot, so turn on the water, then brush your teeth, pee etc and by the time you're done the water will be hot. Also, one of my roommates stole my bag of toiletries, so remember to lock things up even if it's cheap shampoo and toothpaste. I don't blame the hostel for the theft.


I thought the breakfast options of cornflakes, generic Wonder bread, and high fructose jam were pretty weak. Oatmeal and bananas would be a really nice addition.

HI - Boston Downtown

Boston, USA

I have stayed here multiple times. The location is excellent and I love that there are tons of bathrooms and showers throughout the hostel.


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HI - Boston Downtown

Boston, USA

The breakfast was a big turn off. Yoplait yogurt and processed peanut butter are really awful. The coffee was great and fortunately they had bananas!

40 Berkeley Hostel

Boston, USA

Berkeley Hostel is very rundown. It was extremely hot the night I stayed there and unfortunately the light and overhead fan operate from the same on/off-switch. In other words if you want the fan on the light stays on. If you want to turn the light off the fan goes off as well. It was a terrible night's sleep. The staff was very friendly and the breakfast was great!

King Tut Hostel

Cairo, Egypt

The night I arrived the hostel said they made a mistake with my reservation and sent me to another hostel. Then they tried to send me off again later in the week. They don't accept credit cards and they refuse to give receipts, which I found very off putting. Also, if you decide to let them make the arrangements for travel to Luxor they inflate the prices of everything ex. charge you $50 for a $30 train ticket. Hostel was clean, rooms have cable, breakfast was bread and jam.

Hostal Joan Sebastian

Taxco, Mexico

I was overcharged $200 MXP ($20USD)and the owner has been uncooperative about giving me a refund.