Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Germany, Gender: Female, Age: 28

Hostal Facundo

Tarifa, Spain

Not a lot of atmosphere. Safe, clean reasonable place to stay. Rules are posted everywhere about being quiet, what to do in the kitchen. Felt very sterile. Not a place to meet people, just an ok place for the night. It is halfway between the bus station and the center of town, not bad location for convenience.

Casa Caracol

Cadiz, Spain

This place was overall very good. They have great dinners cooked every night for a good price, cheap beer for sale, great common areas, and an outdoor shower on the roof open to the sky! Very clean and good beds and spaces. But they shut all areas of the hostel at midnight, and the employees run around telling you to be quiet and leave then- no location at all to be after that. Also, some of the male employees hit on me and it was uncomfortable since I´m stuck around them.

Owner Comment (Hide)
We are glad you enjoyed your stay and apologise about the fact we close but this is due to respect for the other guests who would like to rest undisturbed. We try to encourage the guests to experience all the beautiful parks, beaches and bars this city has to offer to people who would like to stay up later. And we also apologise if there was a misunderstanding with the employees, but we attempt to treat all guests equally with respect and open friendliness whether they are male or female.

Cadiz Inn Backpackers

Cadiz, Spain

This place just feels like it´s trying really hard to be cool, but it´s trying too hard and so falls flat. It has everything a cool hostel has- terrace, common space, etc, but there is no soul behind it. It´s a chain, which may be the reason. The employees only do the bare minimum to help you, they arent warm and engaging. They close all the common areas at 1130 so there´s nowhere to hang out. Bathroom had no toilet paper.

Owner Comment (Hide)
Thanks for your feeback! We do not only strive to be a cool hostel but also a very homely one so we are very sad to hear that we did not make you feel as part of the family during your stay. Our top rating second only to our location is that of our staff and we pride ourselves in this. We will continue to focus our attention on each and every customer, making them feel part of the "family INN" and not part of a chain hostel which we do not consider ourselves to be. Happy travels!

La Banda Rooftop Hostel

Seville, Spain

I had a great stay. The people who run the place are very nice and thoughtful and possess that unique quality wherein they make every one of the dozens of people they meet each week feel like they are the only person on the planet. It is a good place to meet people but at the same time be able to get some sleep- the roofttop dinners that they cook, which were great, and where everyone gets to know each other, while they close up the rooftop at midnight to give sleepers peace. -Paige

Macondo Hostel

San Gil, Colombia

great to meet other people. hot tub in the back and some nice yard space/hammock. Unfortunately rooms have some windows to hall that let in noise from yard. The night I was there there were some German girls screaming and laughing- yes, screaming full out- until 1 AM in the backyard. I think if they just tell people to tone it down it is overall an AWESOME place. Kitchen is good, activities organized are great- I loved paragliding. great showers! no personal lockers, only safe at desk.

Republika Divanga

Taganga, Colombia

The person who works during the day is so nice and helpful. Note for nonSpanish speakers that he isnt an English speaker. They did everything and more I needed, let me check out my last day, come back in afternoon from beach to take shower before busing out of town. Rooms have lockers but front door is left wide open a lot of the time, anyone could walk in. There is a nice center courtyard with hammocks and the kitchen is good. Showers a little mucky and clog up.

The Cranky Croc Hostel

Bogota, Colombia

Most of the people who work the front desk are incredibly helpful and nice. The place is an old colonial house with a lot of character. One of the BEST features here is that there is a nice space to hang out, meet new people is easy, but it is well separated from sleeping areas (its a front area and beds tend to be in the back down a hall to another section of the house) so you can have people party AND sleep. Kitchen gear is a little crummy. Internet is good and planned tours are good.

Hotel Jorgensen

Copenhagen, Denmark

Hotel Jorgensen is a good value for the price in Copenhagen. Other big name hostels charge for breakfast, membership fee to hostel group, etc. That said you dont get some perks I like.. kitchen to cook in, rooms small but clean. Baths good temperature and pressure. Not a social place, you can have loads of fun and they have a bar where u can get started, but not a place to meet anyone new if u came alone. Nice staff.

Flying Pig Downtown

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Great place to meet people if you are alone.. relax in the smoke room and you will have 10 friends by the end of the night. Or at the bar. All kinds of people mostly well young. Many werent too good at seeing sights like museums and whatnot.. they party and go to stuff like the brewery. Also obv. not for you if you complain about smokers or drinkers. Generally quiet rooms to sleep bcuz you can be loud in the bar instead!! OK not terrible bathrooms, they try but so many people go thru.

Most Hostel

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Sparkling clean, fast free internet, security lockers for each person, nice bathroom, etc etc... its pretty much perfect. This isnt a LARGE hostel so its a good place to meet some people but it is not a big party hostel by any means. I would stay again for sure.

The Museum Guest House 2

Budapest, Hungary

We stayed in a double.. after dragging ourselves up 3 floors in a building several blocks away from the main hostel, we were rewarded with a stunning skyline of the river, the fortress and castle hill. We spent our second night just drinking beer at our window and watching the world go by. Clean and elegant in an old and stunning building. The main hostel seems to be good too.

Cinque Terre Holidays

Cinque Terre, Italy

It is a collection of different buildings with various setups across the town. The 8 bed is a very pleasant small apartment. Not a hostel experience. The Cinque Terre are small, though.. go up or down the coast for wild parties. Also... all of the towns are CLIFF towns on the coast, so expect to do some walking uphill! If it was flat, it wouldnt be the cinque terre!

A Venice Fish

Venice, Italy

So beautiful that if you sit at the window you will notice people taking pictures thinking you live in a mansion. Fun but little disorganized, bathrooms got a bit dirty. Open floor plan (all doors onto main room) so all noise travels. GREAT place to meet people, have fun. Free communal pasta dinner and breakfasts. The staff seems to be an Italian, crazywonderful Memo, and women who look like models. One IS a model..

Hostel with no name

Tallinn, Estonia

I think I can shed light on the mix of reviews..managers travelled and left the hostel to a myriad of workers, leaving service patchy. But this hostel is stuffed with character, is ON the central square basically, and as I was there, the owners came back.. its obvious the coming months with their return will be excellent. No security lockers but, just be careful with your things. Hot water a bit short.. take your showers at off times.

Circus Hostel

Berlin, Germany

Only here for one night but a great place. Truly stylish, each bed has a cubby with a locking case, space to hang your clothes, mirror, reading light... downstairs a bar.. all very clean.. wireless to use... all in all the most stylish place I have been. Not the wornin homegrown feel of my favorite hostels like Rockin J's in Costa Rica but definitely a top organized city hostel.

360 Hostel Centro

Madrid, Spain

Very central... 3rd floor but lovely, lockers in all the rooms, can do laundry or keep your things there, fast free internet, good kitchen but NO oven.Staff is friendly, young, and accomodating... and the ladies who work and clean, even if the kitchen/brooms get a little mucky, they make it spotless by the AM. All shiny and new. Fun, exciting atmosphere with people who want to go out, but also possible to sleep.. I would suggest being openminded.. not the place for stodgy people..

Hostel One Sants

Barcelona, Spain

Ladies are charming. Facilities look like they are in a shiny new hotel. Most rooms seem to have only 4 people, and hangout places are in the basement/the terrace... so you wont have to deal with any hellacious parties outside your door. Not boring place, but not too crazy. 2 euro for bread, cereal, croissant breakfast, 2 euro to hold bags, fast free net. Not in the center of town... near the train station. But only a block away from a tube line that gets you into town in 15 mins.

Sant Jordi Alberg

Barcelona, Spain

Safe, clean, VERY nice staff, very accomodating and helpful. Hot water, good beds, warm, free and easy to use internet, comfortable areas, etc. Not UBER central but very central for a hostel. Walking distance of 90% of sites I wanted to see, close also to bus stops etc. To note.. 1) Not a big sign.. I walked past it when I first came.. it is DIRECTLY across a grocery and up a couple flights of stairs. 2) Complaints of loudness...I think this is unusual, they do a good job but there were more than a dozen men here who stayed up all night each night. I had a bad experience with them, they were interesting but became very rude and cruel talking only in French and obviously making jokes, saying obscene things and basically treating me like I was worthless. So I am not surprised at complaints. This seemed unusual, people do go out, but it was a big group. I dont think you need to worry about noise.


Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Located in what used to be the nightlife area and is now pretty seedy- topless bars, etc. Reasonable grocery store and a good internet place within the block, 50 meters from buses to airport and the main 3 bus into town. I was one of maybe 2-3 people in the hostel who wasnt an aussie or kiwi looking for work on the water, but they were good fun. Safe, clean, friendly place to bed down on your trip.