Reviews: mattisbatman7610

Elizabeth Hostel

Melbourne, Australia

12.30am and 5.30am, I repeat that, 12.30am and 5.30am. They are not the times to be playing music loud enough to be at a rock concert, when people are trying to sleep. Absolutely ridiculous. Security is a joke. Anybody could literally walk off the street and go straight into one of the rooms. The dorm rooms are never locked. I would never stay here again.

Hyde Park Hostel

London, England

The guy at reception wasn't helpful and didn't tell me anything. He wasn't rude, he just wasn't helpful. It's location is excellent, a short walk from town, or to a tube station if you want one. Internet is not free which is always annoying.

Hostel 639

London, England

I've stayed at this hostel a lot. And while they do need to improve a lot of things, the fact is it's a very cheap place to stay in London. And while they continue to be this cheap, I'll continue to keep coming back

Hostel 639

London, England

It's one of the cheapest hostels in London, and so you can't really complain about anything. The place is kept reasonably clean, it's literally 1 minute walk from a tube station, and there is a kitchen. It would be nice if the utensils were kept in the kitchens. It's a pity that breakfast is not free anymore.

West Two London

London, England

The internet connection is atrocious. Staff tell you to connect downstairs, but you can hardly ever actually connect there. Unless you sit on the stairs by reception, good luck getting online. And speaking of stairs, it's really weird that you can't sit in the hallway but sitting on the stairs (which is narrower and more dangerous) is fine. Doesn't make any sense. The Kitchen needs a fridge. Plain and Simple. The guests need one.


I was very happy with my stay here, and definitly will be back. Location is great - it is so close to LaGuardia Airport. A subway is 20 minutes walk away, and on that only a short trip into Manhattan. Staff were very nice to me. Kitchen facilities were great.

Peace & Love Hostel

Paris, France

I loved the confirmation email from the hostel. It was nice to know that they were expecting me. I really enjoyed my stay while I was there, and would happily stay there again.

Serai Inn

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I had a great time here, definitly glad I chose this hostel. Was very impressed with the Welcome Email I received, which also had a map of how to find the hostel. Fantastic place to stay!


London, England

I gave Journeys 100% for a reason....because it's damn awesome! I've stayed here a few times now, and have always loved my time there. Fully recommened this place!

Birmingham Central Backpackers

Birmingham, England

I had an amazing time here. All the staff were great. They do everything they can for you to have an awesome stay. Seriously, it's worth coming to Birmingham just to stay at their hostel!


This place was pretty cool. I did enjoy my stay there, would definitly recommend it. Staff were great, knowing I wanted to watch an important rugby game, they searched through ALL the satellite channels looking for it. Thats real service.

Youthhostel Schaan-Vaduz

Schaan, Liechtenstein

I was hoping to have wi-fi during my stay, and was a little disappointed that it wasn't available. But other than that (and well the annoying guy in the dorm who snored really loudy....) I had a great time while I was there. It's a fantastic place, the breakfasts were awesome, the staff were wonderful. If I'm ever in Liechtenstein again, I'd definitly stay there again.