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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 37

Taksim Sopha Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Have stayed in a few other hostels in Istanbul, but this one is my favorite. Great open, inviting common area where everyone meets up, friendly staff, perfect location with less outside noise than others in Taksim. The owner is a Kiwi traveler himself, so you can expect this to be a real backpackers joint. Highly recommended.

Walkabout Backpackers

Bucharest, Romania

First time staying at this hostel, but I'll definitely be back. The vibe was great - staff invited me to eat dinner with them and took me out to some cool bars. The hostel itself is smaller, but with good facilities, so it felt almost like staying at a friend's place. It may be new, but the guys running the place have clearly traveled around and know what makes a good hostel. Good luck with everything guys and hope to see you soon, maybe when the attic bar is open! ;)

The Crib

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Great hostel and was impressed by the knowledge of the staff. They helped me sort out the rest of my trip and pointed me to some places I didn't know even existed. Nothing negative to say about the hostel - beds, showers, etc. were all top notch. I will be coming back to spend more time in Plovdiv as it seems pretty interesting.

Kiev Central Station

Kiev, Ukraine

Great place to stay - staff was super friendly and showed me around the nightlife of the city. Originally came for just a night, but staying longer to check out Chernobyl and other sights. Definitely a backpacker place, which gives a good feeling. If I come back to Kiev, I will certainly stay here again.

New Red River Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Pretty decent hostel. Not many cheap options in Istanbul, but the price and value here were both good. The owner went out of his way to make us feel comfortable. The location was excellent and this part of Beyoglu really had a local feel rather than a touristy area. Would go back again.

Hostel No 9

Belgrade, Serbia

Brand new hostel, so they're just getting started, but it looks like this will be a good place. Tons of amenities (ac, bidet, hair dryer, free towels, etc.), a good separated common area, and the staff was extremely helpful (calling train station, looking up things to do, etc.). More of an upscale type hostel in the center of the city than normal backpacker digs, but in a good way and I enjoyed the laid-back style of the place. I wish the best to the owners as they develop the hostel.


A really interesting hostel and a nice setup - would recommend completely. Only minor complaints were that there was not much interaction between guests (obviously not the hostel's fault) and staff gave very cookie-cutter recommendations about restaurants/bars/sights/etc and pointed out the same touristic places we have been to during other Budapest visits. At the same time, the staff were very friendly and we didn't mind exploring the city on our own. Overall, we would stay there again.

BlackSheep Hostel & Bar

Budapest, Hungary

The hostel itself was pretty good, although it didn't have too much character. The facilities were fine (beds, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.), but the staff was a bit lacking. I've been coming to Budapest for several years and still getting the same Szimpla/Instant recommendations is a little disappointing. Also, be aware that paying in Euros is more expensive - they tried to give me an exchange rate of 250 when the actual rate was over 300. Still, it is a decent hostel and I would stay there again.


This hostel was absolutely exceptional for the price. A great mix between laid back and party attitude with staff that were informative and friendly. I have been to hostels with better facilities, but the value for the price with this one was the best I have found in Europe.

The Yellow

Rome, Italy

Pros: Friendly knowledgeable staff, clean, secure, nice space in the dorms, good location. Cons: No kitchen, overpriced bar, gimmicky (the TGIFridays of hostels), 10 Euro deposit for a towel.


Nice hostel, good location near the Vatican with a big supermarket located very close.

Chisinau Hostel

Chisinau, Moldova

Excellent new hostel with great location, security, and staff. Will definitely stay there again the next time I'm in Chisinau

The Kosmonaut Hostel

Lviv, Ukraine

Excellent hostel. Great location and staff.

Hippo Hostel

Budva, Montenegro

Really enjoyed this place. Dave and Nadya did a great job leading day trips, setting up bar-b-ques, and running the hostel.