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Location: England, Gender: Male, Age: 55

Simferopol Train Station Hostel

Simferopol, Ukraine

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Pumba Hostel

Kiev, Ukraine

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Kiev Central Station

Kiev, Ukraine

I want to say THANK YOU to the staff. If not them most probably I would be back home already, but thanks to them I started to enjoy travelling around Ukraine and eastern Europe. I had a great time hanging out with you guys! Thanks again for all !


Good location in old town. Handy for the bus and train stations and the airport bus. Great for 20-somethings who want to go pubbing and clubbing. Helpful staff always on hand.

Tallinn Backpackers

Tallinn, Estonia

Good place. Handy location. Nice, steady place to stay in for a few days. The 8-bed room I was in had an en suite. There was a loo downstairs by reception, but it meant that if someone was in the en suite and you wanted to have a shower (say, because you had to get ready for leaving or going out somewhere) there was no other bathroom to go to to have one. But overall I found this a very pleasant hostel.


Interesting place. For me, this was the biggest, busiest hostel I've stayed in. 100% safe. Slept like a log. People live here, and get up and go to work in the morning. Just down the road from Dollis Hill tube, so easy to get to. Some good characters here. International crowd.

The Kosmonaut Hostel

Lviv, Ukraine

A bit tired and tatty, with no particular character, it is, however, in a good location, although these days there are several hostels in the centre of Lviv.

Svetlana's Flat Chisinau

Chisinau, Moldova

Svetlana's a great woman. Very helpful. A coupleof things to bear in mind - her flat is on the outskirts of Chisinau, so you've got a long haul on a bus to get into the centre of town, and this is a room in someone's home (with Svetlana, kid, mum, dad) so you don't have the run of the apartment. You just have your room.

Star Hotel Plovdiv

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Excellent location in the centre of Plovdiv. A hotel rather than a hostel (but without breakfast or other meals). There's a McDonalds a few metres away. Plenty of other eating places. A shop opposite for buying drinks and snacks. I booked a single room and got a decent sized room with a double bed, a TV, a table to sit at, and I even got wifi in the room. I really liked this place.

YHA London Central

London, England

Delightfully middle class. The boys in my dorm were in bed by 10pm. Nice people. Nice building. Nice location. Nice staff. Just ... so nice!


It was good having the bar downstairs, along with a restaurant. (The chef is excellent.) Good location. I enjoyed staying here.

Hostel Fleda

Brno, Czech Republic

Don\'t stay there on a Friday or a Saturday. It\'s a nightclub with rooms over. The music doesn\'t stop till 6 in the morning, meaning you can\'t sleep till then. The beds have bed bugs or fleas. The place is way out of town. A place for losers.


Gdansk, Poland

Family home about a 15 minute bus ride from the train station. The guy who runs the place is well-intentioned and very helpful. If you don't mind being out of town, it's an interesting place to stay.


Gdansk, Poland

Out of town. Not interesting.

Hostel Oki Doki

Warsaw, Poland

Good location. Well run. Good staff, and good crowd of people there.


Handy location near bus and train stations. Perhaps the place could do with a bar. Quiet sort of place ... and there's nothing wrong with that.

Kraimorie Hostel

Burgas, Bulgaria

Really I do not think Kraimorie is the sort of place international hostellers will want to stay (unless you just want to sit on a beach). The hostel is really a private house with beds for rent ... the sort of place poorer Bulgarians might stay for their summer vacation. I stayed there because there were no hostels listed in Burgas itself, but of course there must be some cheap beds/rooms there. But if not, it would still be better to pay more and stay in the hubbub of the city in some hotel.

The Funky Chicken Hostel

Bucharest, Romania

Difficult to find using the map on their website. Better to buy a proper map on arrival in the city and use that to find the hostel.