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Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 29

Dragon King Hostel

Beijing, China

Warm and cozy hostel. Private room was decent. TV only had a few Chinese channels. Water was barely warm enough. Well located, not far from the attractions and easy to hail a taxi. They had good breakfast and hookah at the bar. Other folks weren't too sociable, so not as good for solo travelers. Their great wall tour was good too. You have to pay a small fee for a city map, and they didn't show us around the hostel when we checked in.

Our Melting Pot

Manila, Philippines

This was a good little hostel for us to stay at after we missed our connecting flight in Manila. The staff are kind and helpful. They serve free breakfast, the beds are soft and they have hot water and toilet paper. The bathrooms were kept clean. Noises made in the bathroom do echo very well, since the place is small. They have computers that are free to use. They charge for extra food, towels and locks for the lockers. Cheap to get to and from the airport by taxi.

Sam Won Jang

Busan, South Korea

Well located, near a subway station and a few stops away from the KTX station. It's near tourist attractions such as the fish market and Taejongdae Park. Surrounded by noraebangs (singing rooms) if that's your thing. The rooms are pretty basic, but a very good deal for the holiday season. The staff has limited English, but we were able to communicate well enough. I enjoyed my stay and would recommend for those who want to save money on a private room.

The Garden Backpacker

Seville, Spain

I had a nice stay here. The staff greeted me well with smiles, and had my name written on a board. However, there were other staff members that seemed to always be deeply in conversation, which is off putting and makes them seem unapproachable when I had questions or concerns. They have a good patio, free sangria, and I had their Mexican dinner, which was nice for a good price. Easy to socialize, but without the drunken rowdiness. Not enough outlets for all beds though.


Granada, Spain

I had a great stay at this hostel. The men who work at reception are total sweethearts. The beds are comfortable enough, but they only give you 1 thin sheet for sleeping (temp drops quite a bit at night). I was in a 10 bed dorm, but it didn't feel like that because the beds were sectioned off nicely. The breakfast is decent. Taking the 1st bus to find the hostel was hard (easy to miss stop). I liked it here, would definitely stay here again!


A nice, comfortable hostel with helpful staff. The facilies aren't state of the art, but I enjoyed my stay here. The wifi is a little spotty. The location was good.

Urbany Hostel Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

One of the worst experiences I've had! The positive: electronic facilities. Warm beds. Working wifi. Personal light & charger. The negative: Staff. When I arrived on a Sat, I tried to pay my large hostel bill, but they didn't accept my 200 Euro bill. Not a written policy, but a surprise. On Sun, they yelled at me for not paying, making a big scene. Banks don't open until Mon. Another girl in our room was robbed. The staff treated her terribly. Appalling customer service! Spoiled Barcelona.

Alegria's Hostel

Bogota, Colombia

Workers are very kind, with two big adorable dogs! Beds are soft and comfortable, and it's a quiet hostel. It's where all the other hostels are in la candelaria. WiFi works well, and they also have computers free to use. Lockers for everyone. I stayed here one night just to fly out from Colombia the next morning.


Good hostel, nice, soft beds though there wasn't much wiggle room (one of the bunks had to block the door). Showers were good, located in a nice neighborhood close to subway. Sadly didn't have the salsa over the weekend. They charge a modest fee for the internet (a good thing) and there was always a computer available when needed. They don't offer breakfast though. Didn't get to check out the events, but they sounded good! I would certainly stay here again.

Hotel Margarita Inn

Quito, Ecuador

Stayed here a week alone. Enjoyed my stay here. It was a quiet place, and the bed was comfortable and warm. Water is hot enough. TV works, but many channels are fuzzy. They seemed to clean the room on very random days. Many lights in the halls don't work so it can be hard to find your room. Its location is good, with plenty of restaurants and two lines of public transport very close by. Close to tourist attractions, though location is a little dodgy at night. Good value for the money.


Decent hostel. It's a little difficult to find in the night time, but if you keep asking people you'll be pointed in the right direction. The beds were warm, and the rooms were well decorated. Water pressure is good and it's hot. They have a nice kitchen you can use. Also have a nice movie collection. Friendly staff will answer questions. Watch out for the dog though!

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Thanks for your time. It is a problem to get the first time but is worth the effort. We are asking for permissions to signal on public roads and facilitate the arrival. For other clients to check out the map before you come and remind them that the taxi from the bus is to finish our cost for two or more people. Also we incorportando movies collection, improving the common kitchen equipment to make them feel at home.

Vibes Hostel

Quito, Ecuador

Great hostel. There were plenty of bathrooms and showers with hot water. Beds are soft and they have activites, such as pool & fooseball. Also good movie collection. Easy to meet other travelers if you're solo. Beds are warm though the room got chilly at night. They also allow guests to bring hook-ups into the dorms, which was awkward. However, when I raised my concern they offered to move me. Good place to party. Friendly staff. I would stay here again.

Sunflower Hostel

Cali, Colombia

Had a good stay here. It's very well located near the bars. Also close to public transport. The employees are friendly and helpful. The beds were soft, the water was hot, and they have a nice balcony. Also, a map of the city would have been useful. Wifi wouldn't work on my (old) cell phone though. I would stay here again.

Hotel San Roque Cartagena

Cartagena, Colombia

My mother and I had a good stay here. The staff at this hotel were very friendly, approachable and also very helpful during our stay. The beds were soft, and while there was no a/c the fans were strong (had to turn them off often). Perfect location, just a few blocks away from major tourist sites like the walled city, san felipe castle and ports for Rosario islands. Shower water isn't hot, but it's so hot in Cartagena that you won't need that.

Las Palmas Salento

Salento, Colombia

We enjoyed our stay here. The town is quiet at night and the beds were soft and comfortable. Breakfast was included and was delicious. The staff were friendly and especially accommodating. They let us borrow money when the ATMs were not working for us. They have good showers with hot water and the hostel was very clean. It's close to the main square of the city.

Los Andes Hostel

Bogota, Colombia

Good, safe location with friendly staff. One man spoke English well. The bed was a little hard though.

The Cranky Croc Hostel

Bogota, Colombia

Good location near much of touristy Bogotá but the area can be dodgy at night. They gave me a room with no lockers though, and the staff made it seem like I was making an unreasonable demand by wanting to secure my things. I wasn't happy with that after having moved my stuff all the way from Asia. I got one finally, but I had to do a lot of complaining. Quiet enough at night with friendly travelers. WiFi is spotty and can stay down. Difficult to skype unless you use their computers (not free).


I had a wonderful time here. I was in between jobs and stayed here. I stayed a few nights at this hostel, and the staff were friendly and helpful. It's in a very good location and it's easy to get to the bars and clubs if that's what you're looking for. The subway is also close by. There were plenty of bathrooms with hot water. I brought my laptop and the internet worked great. The only thing is that the lockers are a little flimsy, but overall I had a wonderful stay here.

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Thank U for your comments. I hope that enjoy your staying in Korea and I wish you are always happy. ^^

NapPark Hostel at Khao San

Bangkok, Thailand

This hostel was probably the fanciest hostel that I've ever stayed it. It's also very large. I wouldn't recommend staying in one of the big dorm rooms because people walk in at all hours of the night and tend not to be as respectful to others. This hostel is in a great location. Also, due to its size it's very impersonal. You don't get that more intimate feeling. The other guests are also pretty cliquey and don't venture talk to other people so it'll take some effort meeting people.

Niras Bankoc Cultural Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

This hostel was very clean. It's a little away from things in Bangkok, but still within walking distance. It's nice and quiet in the areas at night, and the staff are very friendly and helpful! When I was there, some of the people staying were a little cold and cliquey so it was a little difficult to meet people at first. Eventually I did though and we had a blast!

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Thank you for taking time to leave us your review. We are happy to know that you liked our hostel.


This hostel was pretty nice. The staff are friendly and willing to help you out. They even ask you if you have a safe place to go once you leave. I think is has a different atmosphere since this is a female-only hostel. It is very close to the subway, which was extremely helpful in the horrible weather. Also right in front of Central Park.

Village Inn Hostel

New York, USA

Decent place, I wasn't there long though. It's in a good location with bars, restaurants and other activities close by without it being exactly in the middle of all of the crowds. Subway is close by and there seems to be activities held by the hostel. The staff includes both very nice people and very rude people. Mostly clean.

The Hostel-Inn Iguazu Falls

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

An excellent place to stay. In my opinion it's the best hostel in the area. Yea, it's a bit out of town but it's not as inconvenient as one may think. I went to Iguazu alone and was able to meet people very easily.