Reviews: waynestinson5126


Becoming a little tired , needs a facelift in some areas , however the staff clearly make up any shortfall in these areas .Should not have changed the downstairs bar layout , has certainly lost its vibe and coziness. They are and always have been excellent. A special mention to the travel desk staff and especially Evan who is someone you should not lose . He goes beyond what is required The staff are the only true asset that any business has


Excellent guesthouse Well appointed and highly recommended and great value for private facilities.


Extremely helpful and patient staff at the front desk and are a wealth of information. They provide an excellent booking service at a very small commission and its worth every Yuan. Great location and its a wonderful walk into and back from the busy part of the old town. Easy to reach by taxi from the bus station , between 7 and 9 Yuan and its just a short walk from where the taxi can drive to and its not stuck down some difficult to find alleyway and Lijiang is full of them