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Mundo Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Super nice rooms (especially the french room) and the best hostel-breakfast ever. Cozy and along with other guest on a big table. Fresh pancakes or scrambled eggs, fruits etc. The staff was so keen and helpful. The location is among kazimierz and the old town. Go there!

Casa Aruna

Pisa, Italy

A kind italian donna is running this small B&B. Our doube-romm was furnished very nice and had some paintings (painted by the owner) on its walls. She was helpful and is living right beside the rooms, shes is renting. The rooms are close to the main shopping street of Pisa, the leaning tower is just a 10 minutes walk away and the station about 2 km. I realy liked the neighbourhood. The hostel is next to a church. You cannot see the name of this hostel from the street.

Hotel Joli

Florence, Italy

Pretty close to the station and in walking distance to the main sights. The staff was absolutley helpful and gentle all of the time. The rooms had nice interior and breakfast-buffet. Like a tiny hotel. This also means: no real common rooms (beside the breakfast room) or kitchen you can use. Lot of the guests were older or families. My girl-friend and me enjoyed this calm hostel. Prices are high in Florence all over. Nothing you can about it.

2 Style

Vienna, Austria

We spent for 3 nights in this apartment. It seeks actually like a regular flat in a residential house. There is also no sign at the door. But the flat is spacious and includes a kitchen with the essential facilities. The owner is very nice and helpful. The westbahnhof and interesting part of the 7th district is right next to the 2 style. So it's nice. The interior is just functional and not an eye-catcher though.

Art House Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

the art house is a cozy and tiny hostel. huge and comfortable living room and well equipped with everything you need in a kitchen. you need less than 15 min by feet to get to the center of the old town (castle, grassmarket...). it is very clean. the owners are chatty and interessting. Sometimes one of them is havin little to mutch temper and he needs to chill out. the atmosphere is quiet familial, because there are not to many rooms in this house.

Euro Hostel Glasgow

Glasgow, Scotland

if you just need a place for sleeping- this is yours! it looks like a hospital from the inside. it is cheap an clean. actually it is not a real hostel; it is a discount-hotel

San Mara's Hostel

Belgrade, Serbia

one of the best hostels i have ever stayed. it´s pretty familar with a huge coach in the middle of this cozy place. the staff is great and gives you a lot of suggestions about what to do and see in belgrad and are talkative if you like to chat about the country or whatever. you realy feel like staying at friends. it is a 15 min walk to the places of interest. it is very clean and the kitchen is equipped with everything you need. you just need to make lot of stairs to get there- but it´s worth

Neverland Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

we had a real great time at the Neverland: great tradtitional breakfast, individual rooms. neat neighbourhood and in the center of beyolglu. 15 min walk to sultanahmed. go there

Retro Hostel Shevchenko

Lviv, Ukraine

the staff was as helpful and friendly as can be. we asked, they gave! the free beer is also to be mentioned. its easy and fast to get to places of interessting. theres no common room, if you wanna get to know other, they might be better places around

Riad Rahba

Marrakech, Morocco

super nice place int the middle of the old town