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Z H Garden

Hualien, Taiwan

This place was wonderful, with the one sizable detraction that it is quite far outside town. In fair weather, with a bicycle, it shouldn't pose much of an issue, but in rain or for those who don't want to cycle, it's inconvenient. The hosts were exceptionally kind, friendly, and helpful, and the room was lovely. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay, but just wished we could have walked into town.

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Thanks for liked our place and enjoyed your stay with us. We always try our best to satisfy the customer. Thanks for your suggestion but sorry about the location is not changeable. We already clarify on our description that "The guesthouse is located in the outskirt of Hualien city. " You can 100% decided what is the best location for you (downtown or countryside) before you booked . We suggest people choose us because they want to enjoy the natural environment.


Showers but no toilets on 8th floor, except public bldg toilets poorly maintained (and very far from rooms). Also a very, very bad problem with mosquitoes indoors, for some reason. dead ones already smashed on the walls when we entered, and neighbors kept slapping the walls all night, so we weren't the only ones. We slept completely covered, and still got bites on our faces. Good location and nice staff, but need more toilets and better pest control.

Gap Year Hostel

Singapore, Singapore

This was a seemingly great hostel, but there were some people there--we couldn't tell if they were residents, staff, or both--who would be up at 2 or 3 in the morning doing laundry--which was located just outside our door. One of these same men also made our friend, a woman staying in a private room, very uncomfortable by constant staring, and always happening to be nearby when she exited the shower.

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Hi, So sorry that the guests were doing laundry in the early morning which wasn't allowed. We will look into the matter.

Maya's Nest

New Delhi, India

The "facilities" menu lists air conditioning, high speed wi-fi, a restaurant, and several other things that are not provided. There was an air conditioning unit in our room, but we were told we could not use it. The wi-fi worked--extremely slowly--and we had to request it to be turned on every time. There were restaurants approximately 20-30 minutes walk away (she said 7-10). There was a very large amount of mosquitoes (we killed 17 the first night) and no mosquito net provided.

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We are sorry that you did not enjoy your stay with us - at the same time would like to re-iterate that we do not make any false claims. while trying to make the stay of every guest a pleasant one. Some of the facilities that have been misunderstood In India Air-conditioning in most homes is limited to either cooling or heating and not conditioning. Being environmental friendly - for the pleasant month of March a fan is the best mode of cooling when the temperature hovers around Lo 10 and high 25 C. So the window air-conditioners are serviced end of the month of March or 1st week of April, before we start to use them. When not used during the winter months (heaters are used for heating then) the units get dusty and the birds also lay eggs around, therefore it can not be switched on until serviced. All of last week of March there were many holidays so the progress of work was slow – hence the delay. We explained this to you! And are sorry for the inconvenience caused. High speed WIFI was effected see the news item for 27th March onwards (Reuters) - One of the largest ever cyber attacks is slowing global internet services and the disruption could get worse, experts said on Wednesday, after an organization blocking "spam" content became a target. We explained this to you after hearing in the news! All the same we are also very sorry for this. No where have we claimed to have a restaurant? – Yes but meals can be served provided informed 24 hours in advance. Facilities of food are just a phone call away, from the many restaurants of Delhi. Besides the Malls housing the very best of dinning options – is just a walk of 7 to 10 minutes, since you were not well or got lost you must have taken longer!! You seem to forget that you were very hungry and unwell and wanted to eat something as you walked in. Since we were going out for a Movie, we offered to give you a lift there, but you wanted to have something at home. So although we were getting late we first made fresh soup for you - which you demanded – and thereafter served full meals for lunch as per your request. We never charged you for this or for other meals/coffee/tea served there after. (We do not have a concept of billing at random) We usually never have mosquitoes – as all doors/windows are guarded with mesh lining. Your room had a balcony and the door must have been left open inviting them in dozens!! We are really sorry for not warning you of the same. Needless to say that mosquito replants was available in the room if required and mosquito nets are not required at all. Your claim that several other things in the facilities were not provided – have not been spelled! But must like to mention - that you tried to reach the air-conditioning unit by taking the support of a wall mirror hanging below pulling it down. We only saw it after you left?

Gunawati Retreat

Jaipur, India

It's an expensive room, but for a few days of relaxation it can be well worth it. The food is very good, though also more expensive than you will pay in other places. The bed was very comfortable, the bathroom clean, and the host very willing to accommodate requests.

Hotel Kalyan

Jaipur, India

Basically not much to shake a stick at, except for one of the restaurant's waiters and the hotel owner. She was actually very nice and came up each night to make sure everyone was pleased--probably because she knew how disappointing the hotel was.

Ritas Hotel and Beach Restaurant

Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

We booked a room with AC, but it didn't have any. After 3 requests, they brought a portable AC to the room--with no exhaust or condensation tubing, so it pumped an equal amount of hot air out the back as cool air out the front, and shut off every 3 hours because the drip pan was full. The power went out for quite a few hours, and when the power was on the internet only worked 1/2 the time, and never in the room. Don't pay for AC here. Don't expect wi-fi. Do expect heat and mosquitoes.


Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

There are a lot of guys standing out here most of the day. Not sure what they all do, as very few seem to ever work. We ate dinner one night at a guest house, and when we named Surf City the woman said "the place with all the boys standing?" It's apparently got a reputation for this, whatever that means.

The Drop Inn Kandy

Kandy, Sri Lanka

It is a little bit of a hike up the hill, but the view from the balcony is worth it. The school right next door is noisy from about 6:30 or 7:00 a.m., but for early risers it is no problem. The food here was the best we had in Kandy. For 550 per person the cook makes an amazing rice and curry with numerous sides. Highly recommended. The manager/owner will call a three wheeler for those who don't want to walk, and can arrange tours around the area.

Hornbill Holiday Home

Colombo, Sri Lanka

It's a little out of the way, but it was clean and the beds were very comfortable. Like many places, it was difficult to get any hot water from the shower.

Royal Phoenix Inn

Goa, India

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Travellers Inn

Mumbai, India

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Hostal Chaska Wasi

Ollantaytambo, Peru

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Arica Surf House

Arica, Chile

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La Casona 1920

Iquique, Chile

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Rusty-k Hostal

Cafayate, Argentina

This hostel was fantastic; one of the best we've ever stayed at. The staff are amazing, and the guided tour of the canyon with Walter was incredible. We stayed on an extra day and had to replan our itinerary because we loved it so much.

Backpacker's Tucuman

San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina

We only had two problems with this hostel: there is only one toilet for men and one for women, and when the lady cleans she uses bleach that she does not wipe off. When I finally could get into the bathroom, my pants were ruined by leaning against the sink.

Hostel Vuela el Pez

Posadas, Argentina

No customer comment

San Ignacio Adventure Hostel

San Ignacio, Argentina

Great location, good kitchen, good commons, and some great rooms. Our towels and sheets were wet--probably because the roof leaked during the previous night's storm--but we got new, mostly dry towels. The shower didn't drain well and the bathroom flooded. The air conditioner also stopped working in the middle of the night. Everything else was great, and we wished we'd stayed longer.

Hostel Park Iguazu

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

No customer comment

Hostel de la Viuda

Punta del Diablo, Uruguay

Great hostel.

La Cruz del Sur

La Paloma, Uruguay

Only problem was no bug screens on the windows, and the mosquitoes at night were horrendous. The second night we requested a fan and it was much better.

El Viajero - Hostel & Suites

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

The bathroom situation was less than ideal, as there was one bathroom for two private rooms, but that bathroom was situated right next to the kitchen/bar, and everyone else used it in spite of a sign on the door (unenforced) telling them not to.