Reviews: givi08

Location: England, Gender: Male, Age: 27

Discovery Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

One of the best hostels I have ever set foot in. Great atmosphere and extremely clean. If you are looking for safety and comfort in Rio, don't look any further. It's 2 minutes walk from the metro, with juice bars and a supermarket around the corner. You can walk to Lapa and Copacabana is 15mins away by metro. The kitchen is well equipped and all the facilities throughout the hostel are new. If you are staying in a dorm I recommend you to request the bottom bunk bed.

Shelter Jordan

Amsterdam, Netherlands

this place was a nightmare for me and my friends. this hostel would be slightly acceptable anywhere else in europe but not in amsterdam. if you go to amsterdam you wanna hav fun, drink smoke and come back late. you CANT do it at this hostel. we felt like we were back to school. too many set rules and it only helped us to get more stressed. we hated the place so we left for breakfast and didnt want to go back until 11 at night to go straight to sleep. if you want a christian weekend in amsterdam book it, otherwise is worth spending more money. 2/10

Lucky Lake Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

this was such such such a good place to stay. we decided to do 2 days there and 3 in centre amsterdam. but as soon as we stayed in the hostel in the city we wanted to go back but was fully booked. is such a relaxing hostel. i didnt expect it to be this good. i would definatelly go back, highly reccomended. 10/10

Jump Inn Hostel Krakow

Krakow, Poland

this hostel is in good location, we had to walk only 10 minutes to get to the square. the downside were the too many steps, because we were in the 4th floor. the staff were helpfull, and helped us organise our trip to krakow. this place would get a 10 if had a bar. still reccomend it. 7/10

Happy Hostel

Vienna, Austria

we were so happy with the room, it was five of us and we had our own flat for 2 days. we had our own kitchen, our own shower and toilet, our own living room. the stuff were friendly and the internet is free. for vienna this relaxing hostel is the answer. 7/10

The 4You Hostel Munich

Munich, Germany

really good hostel. the rooms are big enough and toilets are clean. we felt welcome when we arrived. the bar downstairs is such a good start to the night. we went to this amazin beer garden near the hostel. really good location, would go back again. 9/10