Reviews: jlmountford329

B&B Wladimir Studios

Amsterdam, Netherlands

We had a very nice stay here. The place was very clean and well maintained. The bed was super comfortable and the sheets and towels were soft and clean. The location was good - lots of restaurants within walking distance. The bathroom was tiny. The shower and toilet were in the same little area. But, it worked and everything was nice and clean, so it was still a step up from some of the other hostels I've stayed in. Overall, I'd recommend this place as a very pleasant place to stay.

Hostel One Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

We enjoyed our stay at Hostel One. Our private room was really nice - spacious and lots of natural light. The room was pretty clean. The staff was nice for the most part. The guy that checked us in was super helpful. He gave us tons of information about the city. The girl was not as great. She seemed put out when we asked her anything. The location was only average. It's not quite close enough to walk to the city center, so you have to take a tram a few stops. But it's a good value overall.

Ciak Hostel

Rome, Italy

The hostel was clean and well-kept. The staff was friendly and helpful. There were not any storage lockers in the rooms (only 1 for 6 people) so the room felt crowded with everyone's stuff laying around. The bathrooms were average. I'd stay here again, but I wish there was more storage space for luggage in the rooms.

Archi Rossi Hostel

Florence, Italy

Good hostel. Good variety for breakfast and cheap options for dinner. They offered a variety of useful services. We had a computer in our room :)


Vienna, Austria

After staying in hostels, it was nice to have a big room to ourselves. Comes with fully stocked kitchen and clean facilities. It was nice, although the staff and location could have been better.