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Hostal Casa Escallon

Cartagena, Colombia

This hostel was perfect for me, it just depends on what you are looking for. It was a beautiful, relaxing, calm environment and I really found it great for meeting's just not the crazy party environment. When the dorm rooms are full it is a bit cramped and high demand for the bathroom, but there is an extra bathroom by the pool. The pool and rooftop are also great features, especially in the heat of Cartagena. As others have said, the staff aren't particularly knowledgable.

Arche Noah Guesthouse

Bogota, Colombia

I was hesitant to stay here given the limited number of reviews, but it looked so beautiful I took the leap of faith, and I wasn't disappointed. The place is beautiful, the beds are comfortable, everything is clean and new, and the owners are wonderful. It is a good place if you are looking for a calm, friendly environment.

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And you did a great choice, giving us the opportunity of have you here with us and spend a great time. Thank you!!

Sihome Backpackers Hostel

Vientiane, Laos

This hostel is great for someone in their early 20s looking for a bit of party. I don't fit that category but the staff and the hostel have great personality. The shared bathroom has males and females and has only 2 stalls which was a bit uncomfortable and it wasn't clean enough for me to want to have a no shoes rule. But overall it was a fun, social place

FUN-D Hostel Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai, Thailand

Fun-D is everything that you want in a hostel and the best thing about it is the passion that the owner has for creating and environment to meet every need of his guests. Joe introduced himself to all of his guests and you could see his excitement and love for what he does. Upon arrival I was offered orange juice, the staff went out of their way to meet my needs, and when I mentioned that I had injured myself they brought out a whole first aid kit to help me out. I would definitely recommend it.

House No.11

Chiang Mai, Thailand

The hostel was beautiful, clean and comfortable and in a great location. The guy who runs the place was helpful and friendly but I also sometimes felt like he was trying to sell me things. It was not a great place for meeting other travelers so it might not be the greatest if you are traveling alone. All in all I would definitely recommend it and would stay there again