Reviews: Anonymous

Charlestons NotSo Hostel

Charleston, USA

I liked the hostel very much, clean and you get the breaky. What was unusual is the fact, that there wasnt anybody from the stuff for the whole time, only in the office hours. For the hostel is quite weird. If you need any help, there is nobody to take care of you.

Wicked Hostels - Calgary

Calgary, Canada

Its kinda "trashy". Luggage storage was for some reason at the stairs, not in the separate room but just on the floor blocking the stairs. Everything looked like it was ok, but it feeled a bit not organized.

Chinatown Travelers Home

Toronto, Canada

Dont stay there! Very dirty. Unless the 3-months-old urin stains dont bother you. They made some refurbishement in the bathroom, it even looked new, but I bet they have never clean it. Urin eveywhere, old dirt in the shower toilet and just stinky stains everywhere. They didnt whipe the floor too. I found somebody's hairs on the pillow = sheets werent changed at all. Besides the staf was not present. You call them, but they dont care. This is the worst hostel I've been to. Avoid it.

Zen Backpackers

Busan, South Korea

The owner helps u with explaining what to do and where to go in Busan. The hostel is cozy and clean. Just rememeber u have to get the direction from the owner coz the way to it its a bit complicated (but only without directions) Its very nice place, where i would stay again for sure