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Iguazu Falls Hostel

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

This is the worst hostel that we have ever stayed in. Location is ok, not far from the bus station, but everything else is so bad that you need to not stay here. There were cockroaches everywhere and the general amount of bugs were enormous. The room smelled bad and we had to just leave the place after one night because we couldnt handle staying there any longer. We did get our money back without problems, so staff were nice in that situation. Figured it was not the first time it has happened!

Green Haven Hostel

Ubatuba, Brazil

Great hostel, especially their big bathrooms and great hot showers! Vini is also probably the nicest staff that you are ever going to meet! He did all he could to make us feel at home; drove us to different beaches, helped us with bustickets and even gave us food! What more can you ask for? Highly recommended!

Biergarten Hostel

Ilha Grande, Brazil

Great hostel! Great staff and very good restaurant! We had a good time! Cleanliness also good, but could rembember to change toilet paper, soap etc a little more often. Small bathrooms, but nice, hot showers! Recommended!

Lemon Spirit Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Great hostel! It is very clean with great access to bathrooms. Fantastic staff, they helped us call and organise tours, let us receive a call, and marlena (?) gave us breakfast at a later hour because one of us was not feeling good and overslept. All in all they made an effort and it worked. Also a great atmosphere, easy to get to know people. We have traveled alot and this is one of the best we have stayed in!


The beds are a bit weird, and it feels a little claustrophobic. Not enough keys to the door, a little weird also. Other than that ok enough, but we stayed in better hostels in cusco.

Geo Hostel

Medellin, Colombia

Like a hotel!

Geo Hostel

Medellin, Colombia

Like a hotel! Very very nice rooms, and very good kitchen! Friendly staff, nice breakfast etc. Highly recommended!

Lima Limon Candelaria Hostel

Bogota, Colombia

A few simple things would make this hostel a lot better; mirrors in the rooms, something to hang your clothes on in the rooms, and a sink on the 2nd floor. Another (for some) annoying thing is that they have a cat, which walks on the dining table, in the kitchen etc...perso not a big fan. On the positive side; great location, safe with a night guard in the neighboorhood, and VERY helpful staff! So all in all recommended!

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Elin: We have mirrors in the toilets. I know you are a model, but, you can go to the toilets to use the mirrors. You are travelling!!! You can put your clothes in your locker!


The location is perfect! The rooms are also very good, and they are clean for being a hostel. The cleaning could still easily have been done better. It also has great potensial for being a fun hostel, but I still think the concept at the other villa saint exupery is better. But i would def stay there if I go to Nice again considering the location!

Cape Town Backpackers

Cape Town, South Africa

The rooms are okay, but I think the cleaning staff could do even better....It was far from perfect. The other staff was extremely welcoming and nice. Perfect! The only thing is we got recommended a car rental company, and this company does not offer insurance for the car. I think this is important to be aware off, at least for us travelers that cannot pay for a car in case of emergency. The staff told us that it was all included but after asking some questions we discovered it was not!


When we arrived we were to find out that we had booked our first night at City Backspacker Hostel by a mistake, but the guy at the reception was very helpful and fixed it for us! They had a happy hour every night and there lots of nice people staying here! The rooms were clean and nice - a little hot though + the bathrooms were a little small, but it was really not a big deal! Great stay!