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Post Hotel

San Francisco, USA

Great location really close to food, shops and public transport. It was just a bit weird because there was a guy living in the room next to us. But we weren't really there so it was fine just for somewhere to sleep. We had our own bathroom. There was a very help full cleaner who rode the lift with us to help us get out of the door with our luggage, so thank you

Hostel de Passage

Bruges, Belgium

This is basically a restaurant with a hostel up top. Anyone dining can go into your rooms because there are no locks on the doors and they use the same toilets you do. Also can use our toilet which is in the shower which is concerning. The hostel is basically open for anyone until the restaurant closes in which you use a pin code to enter. The mosquito problem is a big issue as we all in our room got worked over. Not good. Plus the staff could crack a smile once in a while.


really fun hostel great atmosphere was just what we were looking for and was expecting from Morroco. Biz biz is so helpful and u feel welcome and at home here.

Riad Jddi

Marrakech, Morocco

I would not reccomend this hostal to anyone, unless you want your Morroccon tradition of ripping people off to start early.