Reviews: Anonymous

Location: England, Gender: Male, Age: 36

Hotel Embassy

Nairobi, Kenya

Don't let the price fool you - this is a budget hotel in a not too great area of Nairobi! Luckily the better areas are only a short walk away and whilst basic it was clean and friendly.

Hostel e Pousada El Shaddai

Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

Great hostel for the price, friendly staff who speak very good english, clean and AC cooled rooms, a pool, and a decent breakfast. Plus its near the bus station, bars and restaurants etc - what more can you ask for the price?

Residencial Uno

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

Be warned, not only are there "dogs on the premises" but they're massive and the whole place stinks of them. Add to that surly service and lacksidaisical service, cramped rooms, meagre breakfast and there must be far better places to stay in Iguazu....

St Christopher's at The Winston

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Don't get me wrong - if I'd paid 40 euros a night this would be a glowing review, but even in an expensive city like Amsterdam it was quite simply not worth 120 euros a night! For that price the windows need double glazing to keep the noise out - the noise generated by the onsite bar and nightclub is relentless and being that close to the red light district there is lots of shouting from all night revellers. That said the staff are friendly and the location is very central.

Villa Ruzica

Trogir, Croatia

You have to go to the Cipiko Travels office (in the Cipiko Palace) to check in so maybe they should direct you there first rather than finding the hotel and then having to go there? However its very close so don't let that minor incovenience put you off staying here - an excellent place thats easy to find (unless you're totally drunk / stupid), centrally located and to a high standard. Highly recommended.


Zagreb, Croatia

Slightly concerned by the lack of locks on the street facing windows but other than that an excellent place to stay in a none too cheap city. Friendly and helpful owner and free wi-fi was alos a bonus.


We booked a 2 bed room - however this room only had 1 double bed.... Unfortunately as the apartment was 10 minutes walk from the offices, we were loaded down with bags and it was pissing it down with rain we could not complain. Other than that it was OK - nothing special but nothing awful.

Rahul Guest House

Varanasi, India

The contact details for this hotel are incorrect and out of date... Consequently we could not arrange a very late arrival due to a very late train. Our only option was to take a gamble on another place that could be contacted....

Hotel 31

New York, USA

SCAM!!! We booked a triple room only to be told at reception that due to maintenance work it was not available and that we\'d have to pay extra for another room. When we refused the manager got involved and said that it was MY fault for booking a triple room online when they don\'t have (and never have had) triple rooms available. FALSE ADVERTISING AND AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE. DO NOT STAY HERE.


Not great but it is cheap (within context) and central. Private rooms are small and mine was next to the common room meaning it was anything but private. It felt like a traditional youth hostel and had the surly management to go with it!

Casa de Mateo

Montreal, Canada

Whilst there's no denying its cheap and in a great location the hostel is noisy (the windows onto a busy street are held together with cardboard), doesn't feel very safe (the front door is left open), is broken in various ways (the worst example being the toilet that poured sewage over my feet), the bathrooms didn't feel very clean (and there was a wet patch in the corridor for 2 days) and the staff were never there when you needed them and at when you found them were at best apathetic!

American Dream Hostel

New York, USA

Basic and cheap (hey this is NY) with excellent staff, clean rooms and a great location.

Dar Maada

Marrakech, Morocco

Excellent place - great location near the centre of the medina but not too near so it was peaceful at night, great building and very friendly staff. Highly recommended.

Dar El Ma

Fez, Morocco

Very atmospheric setting in the heart of the medina and highly recommended - beautiful building with a roof terrace and courtyard. Highly recommended.


Cheap but basic accomodation. Not bad but no great shakes.