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Friendly AQP

Arequipa, Peru

The hostel is very nice but do not book tours with them! they will give you worst conditions then the tour agency at a bigger cost. I booked a canion tour, and stayed at the worst hotel of all the people from the group - although I payed more then the majority...

Iguana Hostel Puno

Puno, Peru

No customer comment

Samba Palace

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

it is a nice hostel, with good location in a tranquil neighborhood, between the center and the beaches neighborhoods. friendly and helpful staff and really good prices :)

Milhouse Avenue

Buenos Aires, Argentina

very good hostel, right in down town buenos aires, 1 minute from good restaurants, great bookstores, and 5 minutes from historical plaza de mayo. everything fine, maybe except the computers in the lobby - there are only 4, apparently to few for such a big hostel. so they re always busy.

Hostel Estoril

Buenos Aires, Argentina

good hostel for party lovers and people who love to spend much of their traveling time in the hostel :) a little difficult if you want to catch some sleep, between the people shouting and laughing at 3 o clock in the morning, and you drunk room mate, falling on the floor off his bed at 5 o clock.

Retro Youth Hostel

Cluj Napoca, Romania

very nice and warm hostel, confy rooms, friendly staff, ideal location. more vegetarian sandwiches for breakfast would make it perfect :)

Hostel Riad Marrakech Rouge

Marrakech, Morocco

very good hostel, friendly staff, nice rooms, good breakfast, cozy terrace! a little bit hard to find, but you can call the reception to pick you up from the main square.


No customer comment

Amour d' Auberge

Marrakech, Morocco

Everything is average at this hostel except for the excellent location. the staff were rather absent and occasionally rood, the dorms are very cold with not enough blankets and the doors always left open. there is never toilet paper and even when you ask for it, it takes like half a day to get some. one nice thing: each dorm bed has curtains that give privacy and make it confy.

Tangier Melting Pot Hostel

Tangier, Morocco

superb terrace on the roof, very nice and attentive staff, friendly atmosphere. pretty cold in the rooms but the receptionist was very kind to give us a heater.

The Garden Backpacker

Seville, Spain

The dorm we stayed in was very close to the entrance/reception and therefore terribly noisy. you could also hear the noise from the street outside. it was very noisy all night with the receptionist rather talking loudly than trying to keep the silence. the hostel is good for partying but terrible if you need to catch a 6am bus. the morning receptionist was very nice though

Copenhagen Downtown Hostel

Copenhagen, Denmark

they extra charge you with 7 to 10 euros!!