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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 75

Casa Angel Youth Hostel

Oaxaca, Mexico

The staff is top notch! I can't say the same for the day-tripping clients who show up in one of Mexico's loveliest cities and stay for two days. Such is the sort who are attracted to the top rated hostel in Oaxaca. Next time I would chose some other hostel with a lower rating that perhaps has fewer clients who appreciate the city and the state. The breakfast was wonderful and the hours of hot showers being limited proved not to be an inconvenience. One slight downer: the walls are paper thin.

Hostel Mundo Joven Catedral

Mexico City, Mexico

If you need personal wifi for your smartphone, this is not the place for you. I could get email but a search on Google was impossible, There are two free online computers available which helped but usually you'd have to wait


Under new management for the past four months, the place is quiet, central and friendly when hosting hostelers. It didn't have many while I was there. The patios are lovely and just what you want in colonial Mexico. Feliciano is very friendly and patient with my rather poor Spanish. He is cheerful and helpful. I can't imagine what it would be like if filled since there are only two bathrooms. Definitely a good place to stay for a short or long visit.

HotelHotel Hostel

Seattle, USA

It's located in a querky charming neighborhood. Staff cleans bathrooms often and keeps kitchen in order. Friendly advice. It is better than being downtown...especially after dark. Great ice-parlor and bar at your door. What more could you want. 26 28 and 40 buses will take you wherever you want to go.

Downtown Washington Hostel

Washington DC, USA

Good place near Union Station where connections with the DC area abound. There policy of kicking you out between 11 and 3 is rather unfriendly. I guess it is because of low security at that time while the staff cleans, which they do well. No complaints but one: if you are there for a longer period than two days, pancakes get tiresome quickly.

Chicago Getaway Hostel

Chicago, USA

I chose this location to explore a neighborhood: a rich quiet intellectual quarter with restos and sites even my Chicago friends wanted to sample. Downtown is close, 15 minutes by train. This hostel is one of the best, well organized, friendly at all hours; no complaints except the 12-man dorm could use a more frequent sweeping under the bunks. Had I said something, I am sure they would have taken care of it immediately. I am tempted to return in spring for Chicago and for Getaway.

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Hello, Thank you for sharing your experience at the Getaway Hostel. We are very happy that you enjoyed your time with us and in our neighborhood. Chicago has more to offer than the Loop attractions and it's great that you explored our Northside location. We look forward to your Spring visit. Take care, Jason Schultz General Manager

Downtown Washington Hostel

Washington DC, USA

Location is good not just because it is close to Union Station. H St is fascinating with one of the best Ethiopian Restaus in town. French Onion Soup at Le Grenier is excellent. Even a jazz bar down the way. BTW, there are three bathrooms. The novice should have paid attention when given the tour. Staff is friendly and intelligent. Breakfast is not too late because the museums on the Mall open at 10am. What's not to like?


Better than the other hostel listed on hostelworld. The place is fine for low noise during the week. Watch out for the weekends. Good eats nearby and cheap. Helpful staff.

Travellers Inn

Mumbai, India

Ever stayed in a marble lined room? This place is spartan but elegant at the same time, shades of gray, cream and white underlined with touches of black. It's location couldn't be better for a short stay in Mumbai, where the great sites are concentrated in the southern reaches. Chose your room carefully. Those next to reception on lobby level can be noisy. Mine on second level was very quiet. Even the crows didn't disturb. Good breakfast...try the masala omelet.

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Tantraa Homestay

Cochin, India

Take a cold shower at high noon. Heaven. Cyed is a wonderful, cheerful, helpful manager who cooks and laughs at my feeble jokes. Stay here(cheap)and have a beer overlooking the sea at balcony bar Poovath Heritage (dear)nearby. Double heaven. Their Ayur Spa is great too. Off season Kerala and especially Ft Kochi is not crowded, quiet and very personal

Downtown Washington Hostel

Washington DC, USA

Great place in a "new" location. The NE had me questioning. After arrival and walk around the area, I was delighted by the cultural possibilities. Great staff, clean, quiet and friendly. Maybe TV too "on" at all hours in the common room. Why? Does youth not know how to talk? The point of travel is to exchange ideas and tips. Turn off the TV


Impressed with the warmth of the reception and the follow-up. No surprises. Just plain efficiency. A good bargain too with no added tax which is charged in hostels closer to the Mall. Their rules are relaxed and humane. Very fine fellow hostelers, making the stay in DC all the more pleasant. The street is too active but what can you do? Washington’s old reputation of being boring no longer applies. Good bus lines to the center of things cultural and political.


This place is a dump but a lovealbe dump. Don't be afraid of poor people; they are you in a few years. They don't bite. The place needs lots of work but it is kept clean even if in a poor state of repair. It is only two blocks from some of the best eating joints in town.

Hostel Inn Zona Rosa

Mexico City, Mexico

Zoe, the hostel dog, is shy but so am I...a pleasure to be greeted with discretion. Hot water has returned but they are under construction so no late sleeping possible. But the litte street is very quiet and safe.

Hostel Casona Poblana

Puebla, Mexico

Best thing was the fresh orange juice and real coffee in the AM. Worst was waking up with fifteen termites in my bed. Front Dorm. Maybe they were migrating? They do no harm but it is creepy

Hostel Amigo Suites Downtown

Mexico City, Mexico

It is brand new, which means that there are a few gliches. I was upgraded to a private room so I can't comment on the common facilities. The bar on the roof has great potential BUT it should practice a silent rule after 11pm

Hostel Centro Historico Regina

Mexico City, Mexico

It has one of the best bathrooms I have encountered (on second floor). I know that shouldn´t be very important but if you have been on the road for three months, it matters a lot. The pedestrian street running along side is a real plus for me making the noise level very low for city center.

Tequila Sunset Hostal

Morelia, Mexico

A good hostel once the hot water issue was settled. Breaky is rather iffy, being rather late for a sleepy town. All in all the back dorms are not noisy and the place is clean. There is an odor but that is from the neighborhood factories. Same would be true for the other hostel on this side of town

Hostal de Maria

Guadalajara, Mexico

I like the place but the plumbing is not good. I moved to Hostal Lit (calle Dagollado) which is VERY gay friendly. Maria is selling the place, so maybe hotwater will improve once the new owner improves the situation.

Hotel Nautico Inn Veracruz

Veracruz, Mexico

This place is very quiet after Carnaval...the town and the hotel. But the crew is helpful, fun loving and chatty. A good fifteen minute walk to the center with a few sights on the way. It is good value. Too bad there isn't a proper hostel in town. It would be cheaper but Veracruz is worth a week. The Zocalo is one of the best in Mexico

Pirate Hostel

Campeche, Mexico

Quiet town. Quiet hostel. Best dorm shower ever downstairs! Wonderful view from rooftop kitchen and sitting area. Great place to "cool" down after hot Merida


Merida, Mexico

One of the most relaxed and friendly hostels I have ever been to. And the garden and pool. Plenty of space to spread out, read, relax or socialize

Villa Esthela

Antigua, Guatemala

A warm reception and quiet informative future await you in this intimate hostel. I especially liked the roof bar – and I hasten to add that I am not a bar person – to get to know some other travelers and their adventures. This is not the place if you want the high life but then Antigua is not the place either for such mundane pursuits. It is one of the cheapest in town. Dora keeps it very clean and Daniela runs it well. Luis’ service to & from the airport is one of the cheapest. The roof top view of W

Lost and Found EcoHostel

Fortuna Forest Reserve, Panama

One of the best hostel experiences ever in my world travels. If you desire "cool" nature with no heat, this is the place for you. Fellow hostel mates all seemed quieter for the grandeur of the location and the hospitality of the volunteers, who are overworked but never show it. I loved the place because I love hiking and watching animals...especially birds...and orchids. Gabriel changed my life with his fearless approach during the night walk. Carlos (on weekends) is very informed about birding and plants.

Panama by Luis

Panama City, Panama

If you want quiet there is a dorm in the back of the garden. If you want to party there is a dorm in front. It is a good arrangement and draws people of both types. Saturday night is party night with barbecue and lots of rum and coke. The fellows who run the place are helpful, kind and bourgeois. So is the neighborhood which is safe, if a bit dull. It is a good safe staging area for other points of interest in Panamá, Columbia and Central America. Their pickup service at the airport is priced competitively

HI San Francisco - City Center

San Francisco, USA

One of the cleanest hostels I have ever encountered. Good security. Could use more outlets in room for recharging purposes. No TV room because s/he who wants to watch TV in SF should stay home

River District Youth Hostel

Fort Myers, USA

It is not really a hostel but a home. You will have good access to Ft Myers which is only five minutes away by foot. The island of Sanibel is another story. Buses run and you can rent a car. There are a few bikes at the hostel at your disposition. Ft Myers has finished a brand new renovation. It is a very quiet pleasant town unlike others I have seen in South Florida. It is a real place with all sorts of inhabitants, not just beach bums.


A good place to stay but mind the bed bugs! I got bit. But I have been bit in one of the nicest hostels in Stockholm too and in Guadalajara. It happens once in a while. Very cool design and everything works including the friendly staff.

CabanaCopa Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Great little place on a quiet street where you can hear the birds in the morning. In the AM during the week you also get the voices of children playing in the nearby school - the sound of the future of Brazil. Loads of security and friendly advice by a smiling staff. You will want to stay longer. The hot toasted morning sandwiches are an added treat. The hardwood floors are freshly refurbished. In fact the whole place is fresh, clean and everything works. The best showers in Brazil.

Barra Guest Hostel

Salvador, Brazil

The most professional hostel in Brazil so far in a totally safe neighborhood. They know what a weary traveler needs and doesn't even think space in the bathroom for your toiletries. Plus the care and fun are directly proportional to their bright smiles and free capis. And the dog! Snoopy! Why don't more hostels have a happy dog? If you don't like dogs and I don't particularly, you will love Snoopy. I am sure he would get along with a pussy cat.


Paulo helps you and helps students who people his staff. All are smiling, generous, beautiful. The place is home away from home with a jolly uncle to help you watch your step. Clean, safe, friendly. Breakfast is good too around a family table.

O Sorriso do Lagarto Ouro Preto

Ouro Preto, Brazil

Huge place for a little town. The main male dorm is ´on the road´ which means street noise...not a nice feature in a small town where peace and quiet are virtues and not considered boring. Everything works well and the staff are helpful and very pleasant. Don´t be afraid of the JW lit in evidence. They don´t bite. In fact, cheer reigns.

O Sorriso do Lagarto

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Freedom of religion! I had to ask about JWs. Sure the literature is there but there is no pressure. I got good family treatment and am grateful. The Male Dorm is two inches from the entrance lobby so it is not quiet. I got used to it. BH is a secure rich town with stuff for every one. It is not a hick town. Beautiful weather. NOT humid

Hostel Campo Grande

Campo Grande, Brazil

Friendly service and good if biased information. I went with their program to the Pantanal and found it good and the food better than experienced on a similar junket out of Cuiaba which was very much more expensive. Three times dearer. Sure, the pressure is high to buy their excursion but the guides working their Fazenda Santa Clara were excellent. BTW, CG stinks as a town.

Ô de Casa

Sao Paulo, Brazil

You can do better in Vila Madalena

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Some reasons for us to have our hostel located in Pinheiros neighborhood (and not at any other!): - We are super close from the metro. And 1 or 2 blocks from buses stops to everywhere you can think of. - It's a residencial area. Yep, we have bars and all, but we have people living here, so supermarkets and such are also available. - Paulista (SP's main avenue) and all it's attractions (cinemas, bars, museums) is a 10 minutes walk from here. - Vila Madalena, the bar district you mentioned, is just a 10 minutes walk from here as well. Good hé? We love it!

Hostel Suites Obelisco

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Couldn't be closer to the center unless in a tent under the Obelisco. It is a bargain with 5 for the price of 4 nights. Not a family hostel, but corporate, well managed even if the music coming from three sources in the public area is excessive. Come on, guys, one source of music is enuf. However, all the pluses in the world do NOT forgive a loose supervision of the baggage room. Two backpacks were stolen in the five days I was in residence. Unforgiveable

Lisbon Old Town Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

A great location and extremely helpful thoughtful generous staff. The owner transferred into the hostel world after fleeing from the business world. He is very kind and very patient. And his son is a wonderful warm easy going guy. You will stay longer than planned. Make your reservations early

Marlborough Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

Complaints are very few here. Perhaps too hot showers but plenty of them. Quirky place with lots of old-fashioned charm. A great location with a short walk to all the trendy and not so trendy places. No railroad noise but close enough not to break your back getting from the station. Airport bus is one block away. What could they add? Maybe leaving the kitchen open later in the evening. Perhaps it is closed at 9pm b/c of past transgressions.

Old Town Hostel Gdansk

Gdansk, Poland

The town is a mixture of sadness and happiness. This hostel becomes a home refuge because of the good people running it with good service and friendliness.

Fusion Hostel

Poznan, Poland

It is a very designed moderne (white with red and black accents) new hostel with the most comfortable beds and linens I have experienced in ANY hostel. Plus the common room is huge and high above the town's noise. It was a pleasure.

Cinnamon Hostel

Wroclaw, Poland

The rooms are large enough to hold the number of bunks. The bathrooms are just okay. It needs a thorough cleanup. I got bedbugs in my Bazilica Room. Plus there was dust in the corners. The staff are friendly & helpful but the place lacks supervision of an owner. Too long in the business? Too many branches?

Greg & Tom Hostel

Krakow, Poland

This place is the best as all have amply reported. They are especially generous with soaps and eats. 3 times a week you get free dinner! I have to add one caution: their bathroom/showerroom capacity needs to be improved. There simply are not enough commodes to go around. The place is popular so it is always full and people need toilets! Aside from the bowel concern, the place deserves its good rep

City Lounge Hostel

Riga, Latvia

Some will like the decor, others will be put off for its self-consciousness. I had a good stay with friendly staff and nice quarters. It was practically empty...which I have found to be a disadvantage. I look forward to sharing notes with other travelers. I wish them well later into this season. I would definitely stay there again. Don\'t forget to hit the Lido Resto, not far away. Beats cooking your own inadequate recipes of Latvian specialties. The FREE TOUR is very good!

Skanstulls Hostel

Stockholm, Sweden

It is only a hop on the T-subway system to the center of töwn. The area around is bohemian and friendly to foreigners. Good theatre nearby too. And supermarkets. And regular life instead of the rather touristy center which is only two stops away. Staff obliging and smiling, which is more than can be said for the average Stockholmer. The communal kitchen and dining area is great fun with a load of nations competing in pasta contests. Highly recommended if only for the plants and colorful drapes

Tallinn Backpackers

Tallinn, Estonia

This place because of the old building and new internal fixtures is one of the best hostels I have stayed in over the past 10 months. The owner is concerned that you know the town and enjoy the quiet of his place. You will


Helsinki, Finland

It is a good place to rest and a pleasant walk to the center of town by three of Helsinki's most beautiful buildings. Good pizza too in the attached cafe/bar. Breakfast is too expensive but it is easy to buy breaky goods nearby.

Hotel Mingood

Penang, Malaysia

It is a hotel masquerading as something it isn\'t. I looked into going to other places almost as soon as I arrived. It was too much trouble. I stayed but don\'t think I will return

Bedz KL

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

They have too many people in the room I stayed in. Fourteen bodies is a lot of breathing and snoring. It would be better if they eliminated a stack of beds. For the rest it is okay. Friendly and fun in a low key way. No drunks at least not during my stay. As is the case in many of these places they don't have enough bathing/WC facilities. But we managed. Also not accepting CC is a bummer.

Central City Backpackers

Hobart, Australia

I found another place after one night. It is too quaint for me. I am not fussy but the comatose TV room was depressing. All those youngster with nothing to say to each other than, \"Mind if I change the channel?\" Not that this should reflect on the place. Just that the design of the public rooms is off putting, encouraging sloth. Hobart is sleepy enough


A bit too spartan. Why no fans in rooms when 90 outside. This should not be an option but a necessity