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Location: Romania, Gender: Male, Age: 35

Stu. Residence Aryan

Brussels, Belgium

You'd be hard pressed to find single rooms in Brussels at such an excellent price! Facilities were small but clean, the wifi internet exquisite and the breakfast large.

Five Elements Hostel Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany

Security - inside the hostel it was very good, but once you got outside you had to be careful and watch for all the junkies, hookers, pick-pocketers etc. Location - in the middle of the Red Light District, so you had to go through all the scum of the earth mentioned above. But the good thing though is that this makes it close to the center, railway station, and non-expensive restaurants. Atmosphere was OK, but I wouldn't recommend it for families with children (like us).

Sunquest Gardens Limassol

Limassol, Cyprus

The complex is located very far away from the center. There is a very large pool, but it was quite dirty.

Yafo 82 Guesthouse

Haifa, Israel

Very good or excellent in all regards (cleanliness, silence, character, location). The only downside that we found is that staff was present only during afternoon and evening, thus guests couldn't have access to kitchen (and advice) outside these hours. However, the main employee spoke great English and the information obtained was spot-on and saved us some money!


Pretty good hostel, though it's definitely focused on very young travelers. Very different atmosphere between its 2 levels, fortunately we stayed in the quieter, clean and orderly lower level :) Staff tries to be helpful, though the group orientation session at the beginning is definitely awkward. The advice that they provided was of mixed quality - some great (like the Abu Hasan humus and msabaha place), some not so much (the most expensive shawarma in town, or the bus to the train station).

Luxembourg City Hostel

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff! Excellent cleanliness. The only downside was that the lockers downstairs, where I had to leave my luggage after checking-out had no locks available at the time.

A1 Hostel Bratislava

Bratislava, Slovakia

The hostel is basically a series of apartments inside a block of flats, located 15-25 minutes from the bus & train stations. The staff was very friendly, even though the "reasonably priced"restaurant they recommended was not exactly cheap. Furniture is very old and the private rooms are not very well organized. Moreover, at least compared to hostels in Poland, bang for the buck is quite poor.

  • 10th Aug 2012
  • Avid Traveller
  • Romania
  • Mixed Group, 31-40
  • (13 reviews)

4 Friends Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Hostel is located about 15-20 minutes from downtown / train / bus station. Staff professionalism is mixed - the smaller & thinner blonde lady was the most helpful, while one of the other ones was yelling in the common room during one evening when her favorite team was playing a sports match on TV. Otherwise, there were too many people during our stay there and all table seats were taken during breakfast. Will probably look for another place when visiting Krakow again.

Grampa's Hostel

Wroclaw, Poland

By far the best hostel we've ever stayed in in Poland! All the 4-5 receptionist were very helpful & knowledgeable, the facilities were spotless, excellent atmosphere with nice interior design. Have greatly enjoyed our stay there!

Orange Plus

Torun, Poland

Excellent on almost everything! The only downsides were that it's located on the 3rd floor (no elevator), internet only works in the living room, and breakfast is not offered. On the other hand, laundry in included in the price. Would definitely stay there next time!

  • 31st Jul 2012
  • Avid Traveller
  • Romania
  • Mixed Group, 31-40
  • (13 reviews)

Kogut czy Kura Hostel

Gdansk, Poland

The hostel is pretty clean and the staff very helpful. However, it is about 20 stops from Gdansk center (though only 5 mins from an outstanding park and 5 mins more from the beach) and the atmosphere is bit too familial.

  • 29th Jul 2012
  • Avid Traveller
  • Romania
  • Mixed Group, 31-40
  • (13 reviews)

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To all guests seeking for Hostel exactly in the old town- we're not on of them, we can show you tram stop (50meters) and ask you to wait 25 minutes and...voilĂ ! you're in the old town - quite easy, isn't it? We are proud to be situated next to the lovely beach and many parks, as to the old district Oliwa with it's great cathedral and lovely surroundings. What is more, there is a direct bus to Sopot (15 minutes) where you can find lot of cafes, bars, pubs, clubs, night life etc. So in our opinion it's an advantage!


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Encore Express Hotel/Hostel

San Francisco, USA

Very good on security. The type of people that stayed there were very calm, nobody noisy, which was great. Definitely not for party-lovers, but great for people that want to rest after a full day of sightseeing.