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Cordial House Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

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Zorbas Hotel

Athens, Greece

The beds and bathroom were clean, but this place is really run down and old. The rooms are damp and musty when the windows are closed. The private rooms are basically dorm rooms with a double bed and several bunkbeds minus the other guests. The stay is friendly and accommodating though.

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1.All the rooms around the world need some fresh air sometime that"s why you have choice since there are windows to open them. 2.The private rooms are dorms?? you book for a private and you got a dorm?or you book for a dorm and you got a private? Cause that's confusing.

Summit Zero

Litohoro, Greece

Good hostel in Litohoro. I wasn't particularly impressed with the staff based on other reviews I read, but someone told me the actual owner was out of town and these people were watching over things until they returned. They didn't really make me feel welcome and played music loudly until about 2 or 3 in the morning until someone told them to be quiet. It is also quite far from Litohoro, but it is a good quiet place to unwind (or mentally prepare) for climbing Olympus. I would stay there again.

Hostel Meteora

Kalambaka, Greece

A little from from Meteora, especially by bus, but still a very cheap and fun alternative to staying in Kalampaka. It has that classic hostel vibe and was totally worth the stay. Trikala was a pretty hip town. Keep in mind that if taking the bus to Meteora from here you need to catch the bus down the street at 7:00 AM.

Niriis Hotel

Chania, Greece

Great location near Hania without all the noise and on a lovely strand of beaches. They also help organize tours to some of the nearby destination like Elafonisi and Samaria Gorge. There were quite a few items in the kitchen and bathroom left by previous guests that made it a little cluttered, but other than that it was very nice and affordable. Also there's a dog that will steal your shoes if you leave them outside to dry. I definitely would stay here again.

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Thank you for taking the time to comment on Niriis Hotel! At Niriis there are two dorm rooms, usually prefered by solo young travellers-backpackers, who are looking for a low cost accomodation, yet clean and comfortable. Regading the dishes in the dorm, the guests are responsible. Best Regards

Manos Studios Hotel

Heraklion, Greece

Nice place and very easy to get to from the city center. Only complaint is that you can hear everything in the hotel, but at least it's in a quiet area. It's good value so I would stay there again.

Pension George

Santorini, Greece

This was the perfect place to stay in Santorini. As one of the more affordable options, it's in a great location especially if you plan on renting a scooter or car. Definitely would stay there again.

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Thanks Patrick ! Hope you do come back sometime - it would be our pleasure !

Hostel Van Gogh

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The first few nights there I stayed in the dorm. Their dorms are VERY overpriced for what you get. To make matters worse, I was in a room with a bunch of British partiers who would come in very late and would not shut up. There aren't really places for your bags either so it becomes difficult to walk around the room when it is full. My last night there I stayed in one of their private rooms. The privates were much better and were a good value.

Smokin Pig

Sofia, Bulgaria

I had an awesome time at the pig. When I'm in Bulgaria I want to see the country like a Bulgarian, but I don't want to live like one. The Pig was very western and modern, the staff was amazing, overall I had a fantastic experience there.

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Glad you had fun with us Patrick. I certainly enjoyed having you around. Enjoy the rest of the journey and please let us know how you are getting on. Be safe fella. Jonnie

Begovic Boarding House

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The listing says they have internet available, but what they do not tell you is that it is not available to guests. I asked several times for 5 ,imutes of internet and everytime they told me to come back in 30 minutes... Every 30 minutes.

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Dear Patrick! All our guests have free internet from 10h-21h. When internet room is busy we need to tell you to come back for 30 min and then it 's your turn,but you don't want to wait. Best regards family Begovic