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Location: Netherlands, Gender: Male, Age: 33

Che Lagarto Hostel Ipanema

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Nice place, at a very good and central spot in Ipanema. Staff was very helpful, the hostel felt very safe, quite expensive but that is everywhere in Rio.

City Youth Hostel Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf, Germany

Hostel in a nice new building close to the river banks. Very friendly and welcoming staff, 24 hours reception. Included free Wi-Fi and Included free breakfast were both very good! Altogether very good value for money!

The Nunnery

Melbourne, Australia

Very nice place to stay, easy way to access Central Melbourne.


Very much a party place, if you are not into that it is a bit loud.


This was one of my best stays in India. The owner was really increibly helpful, with lots of personal advice, the food that his wife cooked was amaazing and the atmosphere was really good!

Mewargarh Palace

Udaipur, India

One of my best stays in India. Only minor thing is the sounds of the mosque at night.

Hotel Grace

Amritsar, India

The room was dirty and dark, there was no hot water at all, until you asked them to fix it, then it would work, for a while, staff was grumpy, not very helpful, and did merely speak a few words of English. Never make them arrange a Waga border trip cause they made us pay 150 while other tourists in the same car actually paid only 100 Rs. A bit of a DISgrace. Positive thing is that the free WiFi (actually only working in the reception area) is superfast, one of the best I have had in India.

Aline Hostel

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Well situated hostel with nice roof terrace and friendly Spanish/ English speaking staff. Rooms are ok, breakfast good, wifi facilities are ok and working. Only small thing is the bunk beds are a bit old.

Hotel Jorgensen

Copenhagen, Denmark

This was the least secure hostel ever. We got robbed of all our valuable possessions while sleeping during our stay here. It turned out that he bedroom windows could just easily be opened from the street without any breaking because the security chains meant to secure the window were not constructed in the right way. If you stay here do not leave anything in your bedroom while sleeping or going out even when you are staying alone in your room.

Odense Danhostel City

Odense, Denmark

the only drawback is that during daytime the reception desk is hardly ever occupied, which does not contribute to service & security. besides that, the hostel was really clean, staff very friendly and exceptionally easy to reach when coming by train. facilities (kitchen, laundry, tv room) excellent.

Danhostel Copenhagen City

Copenhagen, Denmark

No customer comment


nice place to stay! Nice activities like the pub crawl. Location is awesome, just close to all the bars but still it´s not noisy in the hostel itself. I was in the large dorm, it´s sometimes a bit overcrowded. Probably best tp stay herewith a group, but if you´re alone it´s also great place to meet people.

Augusters Lodge

Macau (Macao), Macau

So clean......must be, the staff kept on cleaning the floor 10 times epr day, literally.....

Zackry Guest House

Langkawi, Malaysia

Nice place! No dorms, but you won\'t feel lonely here. Hospitality is great. Sit down in the evening with a cold beer and enjoy the common bar/kitchen/living/terrace/mini-pool, watch movie, or let Zack tell u about where to go on the island. 5 min to a quiet, white-sanded beach and just 15 mins if you want more excitement. Next to a local Indian place serving food with discount to the guests. They provide bikes (free) and scooters (RM 30). Irish employee is happy to help you with everything!