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Hostel7 Brasilia

Brasilia, Brazil

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Q4 Hotel

New York, USA

A relly nice experience, despite of their very strict policies (it's not allowed to drink in the hostel, you can't have food in your bedroom, etc). It was a little upsetting the fact they initially wanted me to change rooms, but thank god the staff found a way to make me stay in the same room. Also, they could have elevators, since sometimes it's difficult to go through many stairs with your luggage.


London, England

The cleanliness needs to be improved urgently (bathroom mainly). Also the fact that the wifi connection doesn't reach the upper levels is very sad. There should be lockers enough for everybody (I couldn't get a locker because the were full) and they should be in your room, not in the common area. Mattresses (very thin) and pillows (I could hardly call it a pillow) are very bad. The location is their strength.

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Thank you for the review. We are happy that you liked the location. Bathrooms and toilets are being cleaned twice a day every day, wi-fi reaches 3 floors out of 5 (including all the common areas), there are lockers at the reception and 18 bed dorms, unfortunately because of the lack of space we can't have them in smaller dorms. Sorry that mattresses and pillows were not up to your standards as well, we try to replace them as soon as they wear out. Have safe trips! :)

Sant Jordi Arago Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

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