Reviews: raev5504

Yawarmaki Hotel

Cusco, Peru

very difficult to find, theres not even a sign outside with the hostel name but once inside its quite nice.


friendly staff, good location, good rooms

HI-Calgary City Centre

Calgary, Canada

Staff were great and its right beside the downtown area. The rooms were pretty average except our room a 6 bed mixed dorm had no ac and with the huge amount of construction outside the window getting a good night sleep was near impossible.


Great hostel especially the private rooms away from the main building though they are quite empty down there and could do with at least a couch, tv and a working kitchen. Great location lots of bars and restaurants nearby and free parking behind the hostel.

The Indy Hostel

Indianapolis, USA

The hostel itself and the staff were great but its not ina very good location. Its easily 20 bucks to the downtown area. We had a private room that didn't lock which basically defeats the purpose of having a private room. The neighborhood also looked kinda dodgy.

The Only Backpacker's Inn

Toronto, Canada

The hostel itself was fine, good beds and facilities. The staff seemed very unfriendly, started leaving threatening notes when we didnt clean a dish after half an hour.

HI Boston

Boston, USA

Loved this hostel, staff were friendly, gteat location, rooms were great and a good kitchen. Theres activities every night which always had a good crowd, I'd definitely go back.

Downtown Washington Hostel

Washington DC, USA

Nice little hostel, staff were great and its a decent location. Its a 15 min walk to capitol hill so its not a bad location.

HI Chamounix Mansion

Philadelphia, USA

Its a good looking hostel and the common rooms are great but the hostel is in a horrible location, its miles from the the city and the weird opening hours are a pain. The beds have to be worst beds Ive ever stayed in, I was close to leaving and getting in my car, its just a sheet over a plank of wood. Worst hostel beds Ive ever come across.

HI NYC Hostel

New York, USA

Great hostel, right near the metro and they have a lot of nights out which generally had a good crowd. The not being able to drink at all in the hostel is a pain, also kinda weird seeing a lot of kids floating around the hostel.