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Location: Australia, Gender: Female, Age: 29

#bunk beyoglu

Istanbul, Turkey

Had a great stay. Nothing too much trouble for the staff, so helpful.

L' Imbarcadero

Venice, Italy

Gustavo looked after us very well - breakfasts included, bathrooms clean, bedrooms clean, helpful with directions, etc, etc! TVs around, internet cheaper than everywhere else that I saw. Would stay again.

PLUS Florence

Florence, Italy

Kitchen:pathetic. Seating/cutlery/crockery for 6 max. Gigantic restaurant seating area next door but guests cant use it unless they purchase the meals. We had to sit in the empty restaurant due to no space elsewhere, but forced to move so we "wouldn't put others off using restaurant". Internet a hassle but staff very helpful. Paying on checkout meant that there was a gigantic queue at 10am, better to pay at check in. Laundry for €7.5 too expensive. OTHERWISE movies, facilities, staff top notch!


Ljubljana, Slovenia

The shower seemed to have some problems draining but no overflows (quite!). Guests often left their doors unlocked which means technically anyone could walk in off the street! Tiny kitchen and tiny common area but otherwise no complaints. Nice rooms, helpful staff, etc.

The Loft Hostel Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

Really enjoyed staying here! There needed to be more bathrooms, as there was always a queue, but the vibe was great, as were the staff, Chris, in particular, very laid back, helpful and welcoming. Loved the entire hostel going to Cinetrip (party in the baths), awesome experience and thanks to Chris again. Would come back, definitely :)


Wombats is a really large hostel and therefore can be a bit impersonal, but still enjoyed. But all the amenities good. Internet too expensive and when the laundry coin slot jammed and lost my coins the reception did not reimburse me. Some very rowdy guests late on 4th in the common area were irritating all other guests but receptionists didn't stop them which was annoying. Out of town but easy to navigate in.

Hostel Tyn

Prague, Czech Republic

This had been highly recommended by a friend, and whilst was quite good, was really let down by a few things. There were builders working in the hostel from before 7am daily, drilling and yelling. Very unhappy guests- given no warning. A globe went in the one toilet for 4 rooms but the hostel never got around to replacing it. One of the receptionists had the ┬Ęback in 10 mins' sign up for over 2 hours (on 1st Dec) with a lot of pissed off customers. OTHERWISE I enjoyed. Great location.

Lollis Homestay

Dresden, Germany

Very sweet rooms, very comfortable. Only one computer working but they had made this free for guests for the inconvenience.

Balmers Herberge

Interlaken, Switzerland

Most of the clientele were only interested in getting wasted and picking up, being a number of vomiting incidents... if that's what you're after then great, but for those who wanted to do things during the day it was a bit frustrating being woken all night by drunk people yelling in the hallways and in the rooms... The staff were great though, and the hostel itself, also.


Whilst the location was not ideal (up a steep hill near the end of the tram line), the hostel van servicing clientele as a bus was brilliant, so nothing could be faulted. My friend got bed bugs but they upgraded her to a better room as an apology. Character, breakfast, bar BRILLIANT. Net needed to be faster on many of the portals, was a bit ridiculous. But would stay here again, definitely.

Urbany Hostel Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Bad: Location was not central; kitchen was the only social area, not good for meeting others. Good: Staff helpful; net was fast even if you had to queue up for it; rooms were great, great locker system, VERY happy to have my own reading light & power point! Good ideas that the lights went off at 11 too. Bathrooms NEED working locks!! & showers in mixed dorms needed to be fully blocked out, very awkward. Free use of gym AMAZING. Enjoyed my stay here.


By far THE best hostel I have ever stayed at, heard of, or seen around... I had the greatest time here. After a few months of hostelling this place was like coming home!

MEININGER London Hyde Park

London, England

This hostel was lovely. The bathrooms were all miniscule, like aeroplane toilets! But everything was clean and quiet. Breakfasts were great. As this is a place which has a lot of school groups, I didn\'t meet many fellow travellers here as there were no activities or very social areas except around the TV, which is not very social! Still a good hostel, would stay here again.


There were barely any powerpoint and for a room full of travellers this was really inadequate. Other than that I was very pleased, my only complaint was that a few other girls in my room kept leaving our door not only unlocked but wide open, but this was obviously just luck of the drawer staying in a hostel.

Manhattan Inn Hostel

New York, USA

I\'d stay here again, I found the staff particularly unhelpful and rude to some other lodgers although not especially to myself. Breakfast was good. First night\'s stay was in the most cramped 8 bed room which was a nightmare, thank goodness I\'d booked a 6 bed room for the following night, it was much better. THe light fixtures are terrible and hardly omit any light, they could be replaced.

William Penn House

Washington DC, USA

Wireless available, yet in a city where there are NO internet cafes (I asked around a lot) a shared computer for guest use, at a fee, would be very much appreciated. I had to pay exorbitant prices at Fed Ex Kinkos! The hostel was very quiet, yet in terms of location for sightseeing, it was brilliant, and in a historic area. Breakfast provided was lovely, however I was not told that it is only offered in a half hour time period from 8am til 8:30am... I nearly missed it on my first day whe


Toronto, Canada


HI Charlottetown Backpackers Inn

Charlottetown, Canada

Organised outings, etc, would up the fun element, but otherwise fabulous :) thanks! Top breakfast, really felt at home!

Shaughnessy Garden

Montreal, Canada

The place needed a proper clean, especially the bathroom. Location was brilliant though. Kitchen was so pokey you could not do anything at all, but still enjoyed the stay.